She's just a banana mixed with egg, and in the end turned out perfect breakfast.

If you hate complicated recipes, the dishes offered to cook today, you definitely have to taste. These hearty pancakes are composed of only two ingredients, which are almost always in the refrigerator. Cooking meals also will not take you a lot of time because you just chop banana and whip it with two eggs and then fry in olive oil mixture.

The great advantage of this dish is that its members do not belong to any flour or sugar. But to add aroma and flavor to pancakes, you can pour a little cinnamon or vanilla to the batter.

In the video below clearly shows how to cook the flavorful banana pancakes.

This recipe is sure to be useful to you when the need will quickly make breakfast from a minimum of ingredients, so save your bookmarks way of cooking banana pancakes, not to lose it. And share videos with your friends!

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