The incredible benefits of arugula 7 properties, due to which it should add to your diet.

Those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, have long buy or grow on their window sills arugula. This green contains vitamins, vitamin C, tocopherols, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, and more. brought to you 7 useful properties of arugula. It should definitely add to your diet.

1. Ever since the days of ancient Rome arugula considered a strong aphrodisiac. Therefore, it is recommended to put in salads to increase male power.

2. Regular consumption of green normalizes metabolism, improves the digestive system and strengthens the nervous system. Because of these properties, you will feel better and look younger.

3. Considers that the arugula can be used as a prophylactic against cancer. It also strengthens blood vessels and decreases blood cholesterol levels.

4. Pregnant women, to make up for the lack of microelements, necessary to use this product. And eat arugula nursing mothers to increase lactation.

5. In the early years of this adds greens in salads children. Its use strengthens the immune system and skeletal system of the child.

6. Gastroenterologists recommend eating arugula in the treatment of stomach ulcers and gastritis. It is capable of protecting the stomach wall and strengthen them.

7. Important information for those on a diet: 100 grams of green just 25 calories.

Buying arugula, pay attention to the size of its leaves. The smaller the leaf, the more there will be more bitter. Salad with greens that need to eat immediately after cooking. Arugula goes well with a variety of cheeses and nuts, so you can turn imagination and prepare a healthy salad to your taste.

Arugula has almost no contraindications. But we must be careful to people with an allergy or individual intolerance of the product.

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