That's what happens to a man who does not sleep for a long time. Do not mess with it!

If a person is deprived of sleep for seven days, starting from 5th day there is a high risk of dying from lack of sleep - for example, a heart attack due to hallucination. That's how the people - we need a restoration of power after a day's work. During sleep, work actively involved in the subconscious, there is a processing of information accumulated during the day. The muscles of the body relax, internal organs quietly busy with their functioning, consciousness is turned off. Why is it important to go to the required hours, adequate sleep time and in any case not to deprive yourself of sleep for a long time? This is easily understood if we trace what happens to a person suffering from insomnia due to various reasons. The consequences are grim ...

1 day
1 day without sleep - quite a bit. Surely you remember a situation where you do not have a whole day to go to bed. Fatigue, poor memory and concentration, wandering attention, headache, indigestion - that usually occurs after a sleepless night. Memory and attention may not function properly due to the fact that neocortex em> has not recovered overnight. All systems in the body are connected, and therefore other bodies respond to the lack of sleep. For the health of 1 day may cause substantial damage, but being - most unpleasant.

It violates not only the mind but also the coordination of movements. The frontal lobe of the brain em> can not work properly without the proper rest because of creative thinking, you can forget. The man left without sleep for 3 days in a state of nervous exhaustion. It may be a nervous tic, panic attacks. Appetite will increase, because the body is under stress to allocate large amounts of the hormone cortisol, contributing to rampant eating food. I would like fried, salty, spicy, and this despite the fact that the digestive system works poorly and haphazardly. Sleep, oddly enough, very hard - again because of exhaustion of the nervous system.

Hallucinations necessarily appear. The man will say incoherent, poorly understood what was happening to him, the simplest tasks become unbearable for him. This irritability and anger will increase in proportion to the time spent awake. The parietal and prefrontal cortex area of ​​the brain em> will cease to work, that's why all this is happening.

US student Randy Gardner did not sleep for 11 days. Already on day 7 he was behaving very strangely, experiencing hallucinations and the strongest showing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Tremor of limbs, inability to think straight and strong paranoia - that he had to endure for the sake of a scientific experiment.

Among the causes of insomnia isolated nervous and muscular overexertion, pain and digestive disorders. Stuffiness, glare, uncomfortable bed - that prevents sleep. Samu insomnia find the cause of many diseases, doctors say: if you want to get well - first get rid of insomnia. But it so happens that a person does not sleep for several days on their own - this may be associated with the work. By doing so, you should be aware of the consequences of failure in normal life. Recommended to sleep it is at night and not during the day, because in the darkness the human body produces a hormone melatonin em>. Melatonin prolongs youth, improves brain function, protects people from cancer. Dream - this medication is required throughout.

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