7 things I learned because my child doesn't sleep during the day

Previously, I worked as a nanny and knew everything about how to raise children, and, of course, were always ready to explain what to do. NAPs was one of my favorite topics for enlightening conversations. I just couldn't understand why in some families toddler and preschoolers do not lie down for a NAP.

"My mother has 4 children and she taught all to sleep during the day until school", I shouted.

I knew that all this miserable non-sleeping children just need routine. A predictable schedule. Curtains with blackout.

Well... karma caught up with me. I gave birth to a daughter, who from the beginning hated NAPs.

No matter how clearly we lined up the schedule and any routines adhered to as carefully dimmed the room and patiently fit, she didn't want to sleep. I'm sure in two years of her life, I was Napping more than she is. And Yes, we've survived it.

Here's what I learned during this time:

1. "Sleep while the baby sleeps" was one of the cruelest things you can say to a young mother.

Sounds so simple, right? Just like my advice about sleep, which I handed out right and left before she learned the harsh reality of motherhood.
Impossible to sleep while the baby sleeps, if she sleeps only 10 minutes at a time!
In our house NAPs usually goes something like this:
— put the baby in a relatively safe surface (in the cradle? Ha!),
— stealthily like a ninja slip out of this room, carefully avoiding the creaky floorboards,
— pee,
— sitting on the toilet update friends on Facebook,
— think: "Oh no, not that! Please, no! Maybe it's the cat's meow!, not a child crying, right? Yes? Please don't be a baby!"

2. Never, never (!) no commentary scheme sleep taken in other families.

One simple question Pediatrics on how asleep my daughter, made me cry. If someone's child is not asleep, I guarantee they have already tried all the possible ways, maybe even twice. Do not pour salt on the wounds.

3. Sometimes it's better to give up.

I spent months trying to teach the daughter to predictable sleep mode, and I couldn't help it. Obviously, all my attempts to control her pace of life has failed. In the end I gave up.
When I gave daughter to impose their will, much easier. She's still not sleeping. I still feel tired, but not tired, angry and frustrated.

4. Learn to recognize the signals the readiness of the child for sleep

This is the only advice that has worked in our family. Ceasing to try to shove the daughter in a mode, I allowed her to sleep only when you need to her body.
Sometimes it happens at 9 am, and sometimes it happens up to 2 days. It does not matter when. She sleeps better and longer when (if) she is ready to sleep.

5. Set boundaries

I work from home. This great idea came when I thought I can keep everything under control. Although I realize now that I can control much less than I would like, I still have to do things during working hours.
The only way to achieve this is to set strict rules for yourself. When the baby is sleeping, I go straight to the computer and work without break for food, cleaning or any of a million things to do but can be done with the heir in tow.

6. To appreciate the "stolen" moments

Last winter, baby bathed at least twice a day while I wrote stories while sitting on the toilet and watching it splashing.
Take the child to the Playground. Let me play with flour. Call us until roll a carriage.
If we can find ways to reproduce some semblance of free time, which would be till the baby is sleeping, it will help to keep a clear mind and productivity.


Anxiety and anger mothers ALWAYS take power from the baby!

Each child will come in due time


7. Cartoons

The problem of children who have reached black belt against a NAP, that sometimes they are very very very tired out, become cranky, whiny and miserable.
But still not sleeping.

It's time to call for reinforcements. Cartoons. Favorite cartoon characters are your best friends in the worst days.published


Author: Kelly Burch

Translation: Natalia Lomaev


Source: vk.com/mama_znaet_vse?w=wall-76658493_60572


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