10 masterpieces of world literature, which can not come off!

In the world there are plenty of books, but only a small part of them can hold the reader in constant pressure from the first to the last page. Poetomusdelal to you a selection of 10 books that can be read in just one night, after reading only a few pages, entice you so that you can not sleep. These masterpieces of world literature will give you an unforgettable experience and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy »

This is a book that captures and amazes from the first page. She tells about traveling very disparate companies from star to star in search of joy, peace, and a cocktail 'Pangalaktichesky gryzloder "- but unknown forces twice a day they impose high mission to save all living things from different villains and psychopaths.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "Memories of My Melancholy Whores»

The book is about love, suddenly happened to 90-year-old man at the end of his life, he lived so poorly as I could. Love overtaken old, ruinous and beautiful, it fills his existence meaning, it opens a different vision of familiar things and breathes living warmth in his profession, became cold craft.

Diane Setterfield "The Thirteenth Tale»

This neo-Gothic story that takes place in a gloomy old mansion. Here there are family secrets and ghosts, and tangled destinies, and a sense of understatement. The book captures you from the first page and does not let go until the last, until you know the ending.

Ian McEwan «Amsterdam»

After the death of the general's mistress two friends - a successful editor in chief of the popular daily newspaper and a famous composer, working on the "Symphony of the Millennium" - asking each other about the service: if one of them falls into a state of unconsciousness and cease to control themselves, the other agrees to kill him ...

John Fowles' The Collector »

Single-minded young man suddenly wins a huge sum of money in a lottery. What did he do to her, especially given his passion for collecting butterflies and secret love for the local beauty?

Stephen King "Rita Hayworth, and The Shawshank Redemption»

This story, which is afraid of everyone - to be in prison and received a life sentence, being innocent. The book will tell you the story of a tough survival, where survival is almost impossible.

Victor Pelevin "Aumont Ra»

Aumont Ra incorporates all the advantages inherent in the works of Pelevin: unpredictable plot, a deep sense of originality and symbolism. This novel, like most of Pelevin's book leaves the reader a wide field to search for treatments.

Narine Abgaryan "Manyunya»

"Manyunya" - light and bright, soak up the sun and scents of the southern market, amazing humorous story about his childhood, about the two girls girlfriends - Manyune and Nara, good and terrible Ba - Manyuninoy grandmother, as well as a huge number of their relatives, constantly find themselves in funny situations.

Daniel Keyes' Multiple minds of Billy Milligan »

24 individuals, different in intellect and aspirations: adults and children, men and women, persons with criminal tendencies and subtle sense of artistic nature - are fighting for the possession of the body of the hero, not allowing him to control his actions.

Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice»

Pride women, almost destitute and completely free in his poverty, his irony and the strength of his character ... Is there something equal to this pride? Prejudice woman barely able to have to fight back, to believe in the sincerity of the feelings of men and stop thinking about it.

These books are read in one breath, to verify this myself. And be sure to share this smart selection with your friends!

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