Use arugula for health

This kind of aromatic salad green has a gorgeous range of nutrients. The amount of vitamins and minerals can not but rejoice, because by adding this wonderful fragrant herb in meals, we not only enrich the taste and flavor of food, but also nourish the body more of the nutrients that are so essential for us. In addition to the nutritional value of arugula is more magical effect, but about it later.

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First, look at vitamin composition and useful properties of arugula.

Use arugula for health

First, the arugula is very low in calories. This means that it can be eaten in any quantity without fearing for their weight. Secondly, arugula is perfectly cleanses the body of carcinogens and is an excellent source of folic acid, and vitamins A, C and K. Potassium content In rucola can be called the best plant source. Potassium is good for bone health and for the brain. Thirdly, arugula contains a lot of minerals and boasts a high content of iron and copper, making it a great replacement for the spinach, if you don't like him, but care about a balanced diet. An unusual, pungent flavor of arugula has a natural refreshing effect.

A great option for picnics in hot weather. Like other leafy greens, arugula is a valuable source of moisture for the body, helping to keep fluid in the body in the summer heat. And the promised surprise! Many centuries ago the Romans discovered the unusual feature of the arugula. And find introduced in the diet on a regular basis. What did the Romans after eating arugula? Sexual tension! Arugula is a potent natural aphrodisiac! Since then it is used to enhance libido and is revered in many countries of the world. It is often combined with other herbs-aphrodisiacs such as lavender and chicory to create a sort of love potion. Exciting action of the rocket has, because it has a stimulating effect on the body, providing us with strength and energy. Another plus arugula is that it can be eaten at any time of the year. It does not apply to seasonal herbs and does not lose its properties.

In other words, no matter when it is cultivated and eaten in summer or winter. It is equally useful in any time of the year. Don't limit yourself in the consumption of arugula, adding it to salads, pasta, sandwiches and soups. Or add in the pesto sauce. Delightfully! Think of your own recipes with arugula and you will love this exotic fragrant grass.


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