How to grow banana tree at home

Banana — tropical plant, and therefore the corresponding prefers a warm and humid climate. In house conditions it is possible to recreate the microclimate suitable for the banana plant. Remember, the banana is a herbaceous plant, and so more demanding to care for.

In fact, indoor banana can be grown in two ways. Banana at home can you plant a seed, or you can purchase ready-made sale instance. You need to keep in mind that it will be different plants.

Buying banana seeds, you plant wild nekulturny subspecies, stronger and more resilient, but these bananas have inedible fruit filled with seeds. Garden stores often sell breeding varieties of bananas that are propagated vegetatively after flowering can please You with these homemade edible bananas. There are specially bred dwarf varieties of banana, suitable for cultivation at home, less demanding on the conditions and resistant to diseases, such as Kyiv dwarf, Super dwarf. These species reach a small height to 1.5 and it is suitable for cultivation in room conditions.

Growing banana from seed.

By purchasing seeds of banana plants and carefully examined it, you will notice that it has a fairly robust shell in need of scarification. First you need a little lasting damage to the shell using, for example, a nail file or needle. Puncturing the seed is not necessary, quite a few scratches to the future sprout could break the shell.

For planting select seeds small pots, with a diameter of about 10 cm for each seed banana, or you can use the long flower boxes for multiple seeds, keeping a distance of about 15 cm between them. The substrate for germination suitable mixture of river sand and peat 4:1, no fertilizing is not necessary to use, make good drainage. Seeds spread on the surface of the wetted substrate and press them much, not falling asleep on top, leaving access for light.

Pots with seeds cover with plastic wrap and put in a bright place but without direct sunlight. Every few days ventilate the pots when drying obrushivaet substrate from a spray. Avoid overwatering and rotting of the soil. The mould, the affected area of the substrate must be removed and the entire surface be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.

In the cultivation of banana in home from seed germination will have to wait quite a long time 2-3 months. However, after crop emergence will begin a rapid growth of a plant, about a week later the young bananas should be transplanted into the ground.

If You set out to grow their own edible bananas or just want to avoid possible failures when planting seeds, it is possible to buy already sale banana room fruit subspecies. Subject to certain growing conditions and with proper care it is possible to achieve flowering and fruiting bananas in an ordinary apartment.

Growing conditions and care of the banana in the indoor environment.

After buying a banana tree turned it several days at home alone, in the place where it will grow in the future. Then bought the plant needs to be transplanted. In a pot with a volume of 5-7 liters do drain using expanded clay, expanded clay backfill with a thin layer of sand. The quality of the soil for the banana fit a simple land of deciduous forests, with the addition of humus 1:10, or you can buy a floral mixture in a garden shop.

Banana requires frequent spraying the leaves with water and abundant watering. This is not to prevent rotting soil to manipulate water freely out through the drainage holes. To improve the growth, especially during flowering, banana you can feed with an organic fertilizer about once a week. A suitable temperature for banana 25-30 ° C. it requires good lighting without direct sunlight. In the summer the banana can stand on a balcony in a bright but shaded area. As with any house plant, the banana can not tolerate drafts.

In a comfortable environment and with attentive care, the banana is growing very fast. In the formation of 15-18 leaves at home a banana plant usually begins to flower and bear fruit.

Following the simple guidelines for the care of banana tree and with due attention, it's easy to grow your own bananas at home. published




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