Breakfasts that will help get rid of morning headaches

Quite often, the morning headache occurs due to dehydration of the body. Therefore, to get rid of a headache, it is important to include in the Breakfast menu is large amount of fluid.

Headache. What could be more unpleasant than to feel this pain immediately after waking up? This morning illness is quite common: it can increase dizziness, dry mouth...

Why is this happening? How to deal with it? In today's article we will tell you about all of this.

Why headache in the morning?

  • You don't have dinner in the evening: has this ever happened to you? Skip dinner, do not: consequently the body is deprived of necessary nutrients, and you feel weak.

  • Headache, caused by sleep apnea: it is necessary to pay special attention. This problem affected many people, but most of them do not know that the periodic shraavana in a dream — a sign of apnea. And it can trigger headaches.

  • Last night you had some fun: junk food in large amounts, alcohol, lack of sleep — all these factors directly affect the headache.

  • Bruxism: have you heard about the concept of bruxism. It makes itself known in moments when we involuntarily clenched teeth or jaw during sleep. Bruxism can occur at any age; it is the cause of quite severe headaches, especially in the lateral parts of the face. Thus, bruxism can cause pinching in the cervical spine that turn, also leads to headaches.

  • Wrong posture for sleeping: you need to carefully select a pose to sleep. In some cases, incorrect posture impedes blood circulation.

  • Some medications: for example, anxiolytics (tranquilizers). Frequent techniques they can cause headaches.

  • Restless leg syndrome: this problem occurs very often; it does not allow to sleep and, thus, provokes a headache.

  • Insomnia: sometimes the medications we take to sleep, cause headache in the morning. I advise you to resort to natural means.

  • Anxiety or depression: they are, without doubt, provoke headache in the morning.

  • High blood pressure: watch the pressure — it can also be one of the main causes of the appearance of a headache.


3 breakfasts that will help you to get rid of a headache in the morning


Option 1

  • A glass of warm water with lemon

  • Half an hour later, coffee or herbal tea of ginger and mint

  • Oatmeal toast with olive oil

  • A small portion of chopped small pieces of pineapple and cucumber. If you want, you can prepare the juice of these ingredients instead to make a salad.

As you already know, Breakfast must necessarily begin with a glass of warm water with lemon. So you will be able to cleanse the body and rid of toxins. Then take a beat before you actually have to eat Breakfast (30 minutes — hour): you can use this time to take a shower. We have included in the menu of this Breakfast coffee, since it usually effectively cope with a headache.

However, we must remember that it is not for everyone — the effect of coffee may even be the antithesis of desirable. You will need to decide whether you a coffee; although as we have said, it is a great source of much-needed morning energy and, moreover, protects the liver.

If you prefer not to drink coffee, make herbal tea from ginger— he won't let you down. In addition, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory so it will reduce the pain. Just the perfect drink!

The next step is toast with olive oil. This part of the Breakfast will provide your body with beneficial fatty acids. Finally, salad or juice from the cucumber and pineapple will help to moisturize the body, and also to get the vitamins and minerals.

One of the best ways to get rid of a headache — to keep your body hydrated; therefore, Breakfast should include in sibagatulina amount of liquid.


Option 2

  • Herbal tea or strawberry juice

  • 40 minutes later, coffee or herbal tea of chamomile

  • Spinach salad with pineapple

  • The juice of the cucumber halves of an Apple

The example of a nutritious Breakfast, which you can use to charge the organism with energy and to solve the problem of headache. As in the previous variant, Breakfast starts with a drink for cleansing the body.

Prepare the juice of 5 strawberries and one Cup of water. Don't add in it sugar. After you drink the drink. Must pass 40 minutes then drink a Cup of coffee. If you don't drink coffee, replace it with herbal tea from chamomile.

Then prepare a mix of chopped pineapple and fresh spinach.Energy in its purest form! Then prepare and drink the juice from a small cucumber and half an Apple: it will hydrate the body and you'll feel great!


Option 3

  • One glass of almond drink

  • A sandwich of oat bread with a cooked hard-boiled egg and olive oil. If you want, you can also make an omelet with small pieces of jamon (ham) and celery.

  • Cup mixture of chopped pieces of watermelon, walnuts and a few grapes.

Another option for a nutritious Breakfast. Start with an almond drink. Remember that almonds are natural painkillers, and therefore help to cope with a headache; besides, it is rich in magnesium.

Eggs will also be useful, due to the contained coenzyme Q10, which is perfect for just such occasions. And grapes and watermelon, these are delicious and very healthy fruit, will cope with the task of hydration of the body. Sure this Breakfast will have you liking.published


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