In Bashkiria have begun to produce environmentally friendly fuel

In Bashkiria on Lighthouse oil extraction plant (Kumertau) have begun to produce environmentally friendly fuel from sunflower husks. The sunflower husk is separated in the production process of vegetable oil, the company processed into granulated husk.

As the Director of "Elevator", project Manager for the construction of Lighthouse MEZ Sergey Varlamov, husk pellets is a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel. So, when the sunflower Matures, it consumes from the environment carbon dioxide. After the husks are burned as a fuel, carbon dioxide is returned to the atmosphere. Consequently, the fuel from sunflower husks does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Renewable fuel sunflower husk is because each year the plants grow again and the cycle repeats.

"The plant we use the peelings in nigronervosa, its burning in solid fuel boilers to produce steam and electric power. Husk in granular form (pellets) is sent abroad, particularly to Europe," says Sergei Varlamov. According to the head of project under construction of Lighthouse MEZ, a great demand for granular husk in Russia. "In our country produce a sufficient amount of pelleted sawdust, which have a lower ash content than the husk. In addition, the territory of Russia almost all gasified, therefore, the solid fuel not actively being used except in remote areas. Husk in Russia as fuel is more expensive than gas, but for Europe with the subsidies that they pay for renewable energy sources, this fuel is very important," — said Sergey Varlamov. In the Republic Lighthouse oil extraction plant in the production of sunflower husk pellets is not a pioneer. With 2008, this kind of clean fuel production and delivery to Europe Chishminskiy oil extraction plant. June 24 at Lighthouse MEZ took shipment of the first batch of sunflower cake. In test mode 21 June launched the first phase of the plant. Today the plant processed 300 tons of sunflower seeds per day. It is planned to reach the production capacity of 1200 tons of raw material per day.

Oil extraction plant construction is a priority investment project on the territory of Kumertau, OOO "Management company Sigma holding". Investor in four phases, with plans to build a complex object that includes a number of production plants, transport and logistics company and the Elevator. The total investment will exceed 6 billion rubles. The new mega-project will employ about 600 people. LLC "Management company Sigma holding" is the largest in Ural Federal district and the Republic of Bashkortostan agriculture. The company specializiruetsya on the production and sale of vegetable oils and by-products on the territory of Russia and countries near and far abroad. The holding consists of the oil extraction plant OJSC "Chishminskaya" (Bashkortostan), plant for refining and deodorization of vegetable oils (Chelyabinsk region) and a feed mill Surgut (Samara region).

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