Why Gerasim recessed Mumu

Why not drowned, and why the creepy and obscure the history of children in the fifth grade. Even before they about serfdom learned.

Why is it firmly in the school curriculum in Soviet times — it's clear denunciation of "life with the king" in all growth. Why so early — I think, very simply, because about the dog. Children will feel sorry for the dog and they dislike serfdom. And in General, about dogs is children.

I already on this rake came. My daughter is in second grade one morning suddenly remembered that the story given is not read. Well, it is typically anything to worry about, she read it, saying: "I'm going to braid, read".

And the story was "the lion and the dog". Good with children, non-violent count Tolstoy. Well, you remember. There not the wrong dog lion ripped because he loved right. Five minutes later I had poluzabytogo and inconsolably crying child, totally unsuitable for education. Commemorated kindly quiet word and graph, and the program, and the teacher, and myself, that did not look from what she reads.

And you say — fifth grade. To him the children have protective lubricant formed abundantly from the colliding with the great Russian literature. In the form of jokes, jokes and other depreciation. Because the story of Mumu — it's actually very scary, and folklore protective about her especially a lot.

Yes there are children — few adults would want at your leisure to read.
And make from this story not because about the dog. And not even because about serfdom.

Let me try to explain how I see it.

The fact that the lady was largely written off with the mother of Turgenev, the well-known fact. And the story was similar, only there the poor guy has not gone anywhere. All endured and remained faithful to her mistress.

The kids at school talk about it, but all the details of the writer's childhood, it is prudent not misleading.

And there was a terrible horror, of ill-treatment at the level of torture. Mom was, like, a psychopath epileptic the warehouse, and she apparently posttravmatical, children bill for everything, and for nothing too. A favorite pastime was to punish and what not to say, "You know better". The strategy of avoidance was not — beaten by anyone. Children denounced all his servants, and mommy still loved in the process of execution to portray that she's so upset that my heart hurts now will die, and then in the letter it was described how touching was scared for her son, whom she had just lashed with rods. To protect children there was no one, the mother's power over them was complete, the other of affection is not allowed.

Then, there was the heaviest on the consequences of the scenario of child abuse:

  • the totality (is not a strategy of avoidance, no matter how you need to behave, you still beat),
  • ambivalence (the only person you love torturing you),
  • blame the victim (ungrateful, brought the mummy)
  • no defender except the rapist.

In short, bitch was a hell, no offense Mumu to be said.

The eldest son she is completely broke, according to his life, he was deeply victimization person. And Ivan resisted somehow, wanted to escape, but was caught and whipped to death. In addition to the beatings, was total control of all aspects of life, the constant psychological abuse.

And in the context of all this, the story of Gerasim read as an attempt to comprehend his experience, narrative practice of samosatene. The written story was when Turgenev was sitting under arrest, which in itself creates the conditions. On the one hand, there is the trigger: you're back in someone's power. On the other, there is time, rest and adequate security. It.

Gerasim is deaf and mute hero, which was forcibly brought into the house of a lady.

This is a metaphor of a gifted child who could not choose where to be born who has no words, no rights, and most importantly — initially genuinely wants to be a "good boy", to earn the love of the mother (by the way, Turgenev himself was also athletic build).

It is very difficult, but he tries hard, shows loyalty and dedication and long hopes that he will become so "decent" (to sew a caftan) that he will be allowed to live simply, to have a secret personal life of the soul, to love someone. And so for him will not be — it will always be a faithful servant.

Tatyana, quiet, meek, submissive — it's the personality, which the child in such a situation, hopes, as salutary. To be very sweet and obedient, it may be, will not destroy, will not burn you, will be spared.

"As if! — says the lady-mother, the secret life of the soul to him, love him, nakosya suck it!" and satisfied with nasty story from the alleged drunk Tatiana and forced marriage. That is, gives the most gentle personality to shame, crushes it, and even then staged it to look something like it was her fault, stuff like that.

And you have that hope to say goodbye. This path is closed. In a situation of such violence to save his soul alive, loving, growing (could be children) is impossible.

The baby is still not broken, he's not ready to give up and turn into a zombie, helpful empty shell without a soul, become a complete slave.

A new attempt — to hide, to shrink all your live and vulnerable to very small, negligible size — it's just another dog, well, who she hurt. The little one tiny piece of warm and living, personally meaningful, and so I here it is, all your humble servant.

But no, the rapist will not disappoint. It feels spinal cord, where they remained free from his control.

As in the conversation between Winston and O'brien: "I have not betrayed Julia" — and a smirk in response, almost sympathetic: betray, darling, which disappear. Everything will be cleansed before the cranny. They both know how important this is — even a tiny corner of love and affection in the heart standing between you and Big Brother, is the last Bastion before the destruction of the soul. Closeness and complete understanding of the victim and the executioner.

The position of the baby, which is dominated by hard parent, always worse. Because he is for all that loves the abuser with all my heart and wants his love to the last. And there is no sacrifice which he would not have brought — not from fear, but simply because to the depths of the soul I'm sure that this is correct. He's a child, it belongs to a parent in law, and his soul too.

It is this last tiny bit of hope for a mother's love, dependent personality the foolhardy hope for a miracle and mercy of the child, Gerasim and drowns, and at first cares for her, says goodbye and mourns. As it happens in therapy. Now he can leave, he is no longer bound in any sense. And not a kid anymore.

In life, of course, harder

I know that the mother of Turgenev told me to write above the entrance to the house, when the children left under her power? "They will return".

The risk is always there, pulls victimization. He's even a little daughter woman charged for a while, but then recovered.

Well, when it is possible to reflect on your experience in images, to speak out, to act out the inner drama of his soul. Then you can go with the losses and wounds, but still free. And to live their difficult, not very happy, but their lives, with their feelings and their choices.


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Author: Lyudmila Petranovskaya


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