Excerpts from school essays

Excerpts from the writings, from which you want to laugh until slez.V school years each of us to write an essay, and everyone remembers how it was hard and painful. Surely our teachers lamented the appearance of the next opus, was read aloud to their home and complained of inadequate education system and children's brains.

Children grow up, and someone still learns curriculum in Russian, while others continued to pour in pearls in adult life in the network, in correspondence, in official documents. The artist and journalist from St. Petersburg Leonid Kaminsky collect these pearls and drew pictures for them for many years. He did it for the magazine "Fire", then published books in the series "The lesson of laughter».

Look for excerpts school essay, who wrote children, and charge a great mood for the rest of Friday!


  • Onegin liked Byron, so he hung it over the bed.
  • Pierre was a man of so peed spirits.
  • Lermontov died in the Caucasus, but he loved it not so!


    • Dantes was not worth a damn Pushkin.
    • In the courtyard entered two horses. These were the sons of Taras Bulba.
    • Tractor raced across the field, slightly smelling ...


      • Lermontov was born with his grandmother in the village where his parents lived in St. Petersburg.
      • Chatsky went through the anus and podpёrnul door with a stick.
      • Gerasim poured Mume soup. < /


        • Father Chatsky died in childhood.
        • In the summer we boys went camping overnight, and a took only need: potatoes, tent and Maria Ivanovna.
        • Under the old age of his bedridden cancer.


          • In the Rostov had three daughters: Hatasha, Sonya and Nikolay.
          • Taras sat on the horse. The horse bent, and then laughed.
          • Tatiana soul is full of love and can not wait, as if to pour it someone.


            • Peter jumped off the podium and ran for Eugene loudly tsokaya hooves.
            • Nose Gogol filled with the deepest content.
            • The deaf-mute Gerasim did not like to gossip and tell the truth.


              • With Mikhail Lermontov I met in kindergarten.
              • Gerasim ate at four, and worked alone.
              • Petchorin stole Bela in a rush of feelings and wanted by her love closer to the people. But he did not succeed. Not succeeded him this and Maksim Maksimych.


                • silky blond curls were beaten out from under her lace apron.
                • The sons came to Taras and become familiar with it.
                • FAMUSOV condemns his daughter for what Sophia in the morning and already a man.


                  • Gerasim threw Tatiana and contacted Mumu.
                  • Grushnitski carefully tselil forehead, the bullet grazed knee.
                  • The poets of the XIX century were thin-skinned people: they are often killed in duels .


                    • As a result of Tikhon did not grow up a man, but a real sheep.
                    • Kirsanov sat in the bushes, but that we should not have seen.
                    • Please Tatiana hot He loved Onegin, and he did not see in his eyes. But when she went cold, Eugene decided to start all over again. It was late.


                      • Plyushkin piled in a corner at a whole bunch and every day to enclose.
                      • Lena went to a duel in the trousers. They parted, and a shot rang out.
                      • When I read the novel Gorky's "Mother", that he wanted to become a mother.


                        • Chairman so took milkmaids of living that milk production immediately increased.
                        • Here he first learned colloquial Russian speech on the nurse Arina.
                        • The first successes of Pierre Bezukhov in Love was bad - he just got married.


                          • So Pechorin mastered Bela and Kazbich - Karakezom.
                          • Natasha was a true Russian nature, very fond of nature and often went into the courtyard
                          • Pugachev helped Grinyov not only work, but also his love for Masha.


                            • Chichikov many positive features: it is always shaved and smells.
                            • Turgenev satisfy neither fathers nor children.
                            • Such girls, Olga, has long tired Onegin, and Pushkin, too. 1de669b3bd.jpg

                              • There was a regiment of French and Kutuzov.
                              • Onegin was a rich man: in the morning he was sitting in the dressing room and then went to the circus.
                              • Kabaniha groped Katerina soft spot and every day was pressing on him.


                                • Suddenly Hermann heard the creaking springs. It was the princess.
                                • Poor Liza tore flowers and it fed his mother.
                                • Khlestakov sat in the cart and shouted: "Drive on, my dear, the airport!» < /


                                  • Gherasim put down the saucer and began to poke into it a muzzle.
                                  • We Onegin was hard inside, and he came to Tatyana relieve himself.
                                  • His eyes tenderly looked at each other. 22ce0f10d1.jpg


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