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Every day our teachers have to check hundreds of notebooks with the works, and almost each of them there are pieces of music that can be put to a standstill. All kinds of discoveries do not make disciples in the works!

Website shares outstanding passages from the writings on different topics and wished the students success in their studies and teachers - a strong reserve of patience.

about Russian literature
The ideal opposition "Poor Liza" Karamzin is Ginny Weasley. At the end of the author raises the ellipsis, and the reader there is a pause . Shvabrin raised the candle on the walls of the room saw terrible muzzle bugs. as a result of Tikhon did not grow up a man, but a real sheep. Kirsanov sat in bushes, but that we should not have seen then Raskolnikov asks:. "The thing I'm walking or who?» Language Bazarov was stupid, but then sharpened in disputes. in my life Oblomov had only one Zahara. Gerasim was deprived of normative speech. The poem is written in rhyme that is often seen in the poet. li > Kashchei Immortal kept his death in one of the two eggs, knocking confused Ivanushka. I hope that someone from checking my analysis will understand what I mean. < /

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at the weekend my dad took first place at the exhibition rabbits His main goal in life -. near is good li. > Striking his brown eyes, who do not laugh, even when laughing his other body parts My friend broad-abdominal Cobra -.. a snake for a bite man is deadly. Boat most brazen obrazom stuck to the shore. The density of the population of Australia is 4 square people per 1 meter. on the wall hung fruit depicting still life . The girls were walking together and crunched underfoot. go to the bus ran dressing in the fashion of a woman and her carefully shaving a man.

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Adamovich tells the reader that Russian covered with snow. With this metaphor he conveys to us that the country is undergoing very profound changes, to which the people were not ready. Contemporary literature study is necessary, because the school has not yet formed a stamp that is boring and this literature. < / what is the main idea of ​​the text Saltykov-Shchedrin? And that's what! The author expressed the idea that he put it. Saltykov-Shchedrin very deeply "buried" a meaning that sometimes is able to understand only adult intelligent man - homo sapiens (Homo sapiens, according to science)
is described in detail in the image of Kutuzov appearances and inner face of the protagonist Suddenly the earth shook -. this Dragon was landing . Suvorov was a real man, and lay with ordinary soldiers. Bloody Sunday has once again shown, that king could shoot not only for workers but also for the weekend. In front of the detachment commander was. Back he closed the political instructor Dantes was not worth a damn Pushkin

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