The brightest gems from school essays. They make you roll on the floor laughing!

Sometimes it seems that teachers are very vain despair due to the fact that their work is no value, and their profession - the most thankless in the world. Especially not complain to teachers of language and literature, as well as the lower classes, who willy-nilly have to check hundreds of notebooks every day. Yes, the case is not a pleasant one - day and night Scribbles red pen, correcting errors, which allow students unlucky. On the other hand, none of humorous TV show, a hilarious comedy or a funny anecdote may not extend life as is sometimes done schoolchildren. It is often in his work, they give such gems that can fall out of his chair and surf around on the floor in a fit of laughter. These children are so brilliant pieces of music that I want to parse them for quotes and tell future generations. After all, where else will know why Onegin, Tatiana came to relieve, Romeo and Juliet did not have time to acquire vestiges of the past and the primitive people lived in packs.

team gathered for you the best fun phrases from the children's writings, to even make your day a little better. Believe me, at the second lyape you can not hold back a smile, but when you come to the end, you will be filled with laughter. Let's go!

A little about Russian literature

The first act of Sophia and Molchalin occurred under the stairs. i>

The first successes of Pierre Bezukhov in love was bad - he just got married. i>

When I read the novel Gorky's "Mother", that he wanted to become a mother. i>

In Onegin was hard inside, and he came to relieve Tatiana. i>

Gogol's work was characterized by a trinity. One foot he stood in the past, the other foot in the future, and between his legs was a terrible reality. I>

In the Rostov had three daughters: Natasha, Sonya and Nicholas. i>

Gerasim ate at four, and worked alone. i>

Gerasim regretted Mumu, so he decided to feed her, and then drown. i>

Anna Karenina did not find any real man because fell under a train. i>

Pushkin was sensitive in many places. i>

Of all the female beauty Maria Bolkonskaya were only the eyes. i>

In the mountains, there was a monastery. In it lived Novice. One Novice ran ... i>

A new look on foreign literature

Don Quixote, Sancho Panza always took with him, even though his fat belly. i>

Musketeers was difficult to cheat because they pondered for three. i>

Othello strangled Desdemona and rassviripelo. i>

Hell pulled Faust Marguerite carried away - and in his old age care, and her prison. i>

Hamlet symel ppitvopitsya ymalishennym and Ophelia symela not. i>

Romeo and Dzhyletta were very young and have not yet yspeli obpasti pepezhitkami pposhlogo. i>

Captain Nemo was awarded 20 thousand leagues incommunicado, and he began to take revenge on the water bodies. i>

Jack London often sang wolves and whales, and people play the role of gold miners. i>

And now a little about yourself

In the summer camp, I met a girl Olya. Her name was Tamara. I>

In the city center grows park, planted by our parents. i>

And I was a child running, watching the father and husband to the war. i>

By the end of the summer I will become a man. i>

When my mother went to work, I cleaned the kitchen and broke the jam. i>

I like good teacher with St. Bernard eyes. i>

My dad profession father. i>

My mom works in a kindergarten Tatiana Vasilyevna. i>

Our puppy often hides my diary. Away from Grandpa! I>

My dpyga kypnosy nose gently pepehodyaschy neck. i>

I quickly stood in one place. i>

I love my school because it is noisy, joyful and evergreen. i>

One morning I woke up. i>

Ha Christmas tree we were treated to sweets and crackers. i>

Only proven historical facts

Vasily Chapayev was a great military leader. He had a horse, on which he lived all his life. I>

Ancient people running around with spears of mammoth and drove them into the abyss, and then someone climbed into it and took out the mammoths. i>

Ivan the Terrible went to the Alexander suburb, offended, when he learned that the boyars knock on the king. i>

When the ice cracked under the Crusaders, they are very distinguished. i>

Napoleon was ill with cancer and died at St. Helena. i>

The primitive people lived in packs. i>

Stalin was normal crazy, which suffered greatly from megalomania. i>

The policy of the king caused hunger and fury of the population. i>

The ancients were covered with moss. i>

In the USSR, those who did not went into a severe gulag camps, went to the less severe pioneer camps. i>

The army ran, and ran ahead Hapoleon losing their greatness and honor of every minute. i>

Finally from the works on any subject

The room was empty, there was only one disorder. i>

He was dressed more or less. i>

came into the room a boy of 80. i>

As it is difficult to part with my childhood, and just get used to it here as an evil fly it. i>

The eyes looked to the right and left ears. i>

In the fall of water in the reservoirs became wet. i>

The girls were walking together and crunched underfoot. i>

Nick skated on the rink with unlearned lessons. i>

And in that moment, when the forest is still not really awake the night. i>

not all returned from the war and we are grateful to them for it. i>

The boy rode a roller coaster in clover. i>

On the banks of the River milkmaid milking a cow, and reflected in the water all the way around. i>

Towards was the father. The girl and a dog barked happily. I>

So, probably, and jokes are born. It seems positive and source of eternal youth will not dry up until the students write their essays. One can only wish the students every success in this difficult field, and teachers - patience, patience, patience and more time. And, of course, do not forget to capture all the pearls of the wards, so then it was something to remember and tell their grandchildren.

Share these hilarious expressions of school essays with friends - I am sure it is painfully familiar to everyone!

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