This guy shot himself in the daily videos during the year. You will be touched to know why he did it ...

Every girl dreams about the incredible marriage proposal from her lover. If galloping on a white horse and to release from prison ladylove crude is a little irrelevant, something to surprise your favorite unusual approach to such an important and responsible moment is never superfluous. Before anything can think out guys to be the girl told them "yes"! Do not argue that the stronger sex can affect his imagination, once they want.

I decided to share with you breathtaking marriage proposal of an American guy who laid out the network the fruits of their efforts. This romance has said the whole world and its video downright exploded internet. In order to make a decent offer its second half, the young man was getting ready ... for a year. Yes, it is 365 days. However, what came of it - see for yourself!

It was January 2015, the day Jennifer was celebrating her next birthday. While she was waiting for a holiday dinner, her sister Jacqueline knocked on her door and presented a surprise. B>

On a white sheet of paper was written with the request to come down to the lobby.

Jennifer Stunned did everything according to the instructions. At the bottom she is waiting for her brother Joey with another note. At this time, the birthday girl asked to proceed to the bar of the hotel. B>

In this place lucky that did not understand what is happening around, expecting friend Eric. He invited the girl to walk to the beach, which eventually took place on all the most important. B>

On the beach Jane met her father and stepmother. The woman gave stepdaughter phone in hand and offered to watch the video.

The first thing that I saw beauty in the phone - your lover who treated her with such speech: «Jennifer, I love you more than anything else. I know that you - the one with whom I want to spend my life. I wish this was a special moment. Over the next year, I'll show you how much I love you and you're in my thoughts all the time. ... I want to marry you! » I>

And then - the most incredible part of the whole video. Every day throughout the year, the guy shot himself on camera. Yes, it came as much 365 a variety of shots! B>

On each of them holding a love note with a question: «Will you marry me, Jennifer?» i> - and the date when the recording is made.

fantasies of romantic works to the full! The boy was able to play in different places: in the kitchen, in the shower, in the car, in a cafe, at work, on an airplane, in the bedroom, on the street, on the beach ...

The young man was wondering the same question, wherever he was and whatever did: cooking dinner, doing repairs, cleaned the apartment, brush your teeth, walking their dogs, walking along the beach or just lay in bed.

Dog - a loyal friend of the protagonist - willingly helped his master to create a true masterpiece.

And here is the last note with a marriage proposal.

From such a touching and stunning surprise at the girl tears flowing stream. She turned - and there it was waiting for a hero who was for so long for this important day ...

Here it is, the moment of truth! In front of a crowd that had gathered to take a look at what is happening, man has become, as expected, on one knee, and again asked the same question. B>

ur, she said "yes"! Still, this girl simply had no other choice after such a proposal! B>

All over, as in the best soap opera, lots of hugs, tears of happiness, smiles and kisses.

Thank you for having read the whole story from beginning to end. We will not torment you any more, that's the famous video that has raised ears the entire Internet. B>

Eh, not translated well on this earth true romance ! While these guys are capable of doing for the sake of their loved ones from this world still have a chance. Like it or not, and still is in the light of true love, which inspires, inspires and makes you do the seemingly impossible!

If you are in awe of the fact that this guy came up to the girl still said 'yes', be sure to share this post with your friends. Let the girls once again prepare the handkerchiefs, and the representatives of the stronger sex to take note!

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