13 rare images of famous personalities who have become an integral part of the history. Comments are superfluous!

Celebrities, writers, actors, politicians and other historical characters ... These people are constantly under the watchful eye of cameras. The details of their personal lives often hidden from the public eye. These are people, each step of which miraculously appears on everyone's mind. Their identity does not always cause a clear assessment of their actions are revalued in the course of history, but they are all made in its course contribute - something positive and significant or something cowardly and low ... It's 13 rare photos of famous people who have become part of our you life and world history as a whole. Comments are superfluous, because their faces have long been familiar to you!

Private Sergei Yesenin.

A vivid illustration of the famous quote of Muhammad Ali "fluttering like a butterfly, and the Jalou, like a bee."

Johnny Depp in the image, 1999..

Policeman stop of Yuri Nikulin, 1960.

The creator of the beloved cartoon "Well, wait!" Vyacheslav Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin with a doll wolf.

The actors and other creative team in the film "Gentlemen of Fortune».

Joseph Kobzon has been serving 1958 g of.

Charming style icon - Audrey Hepburn, Italy, 1950.

Yuri Gagarin into the crowd of fans, 1968.

B. Lenin in the company of members of the St. Petersburg League of Struggle for the rights of the working class, Russia 1897 g of. B>

Bill Murray during the filming of the movie "Groundhog Day", 1992 g of.

Ruslanova sings the famous "Katyusha" on the background of the destroyed Reichstag to celebrate the hour of death of the Third Reich 1945 g of.

The fatal shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand. On this day, June 28, 1914, he was assassinated in Sarajevo. B>

I'm crazy about black and white photography. Only these pictures convey the character and emotions of who is in them. Show these historical photographs to friends. I assure you, they will look at them with pleasure!

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