Retrofotografii talent

I suggest you look at a selection of retrofotografy 1887-1917 years, which depicted the talented people from around the world. Eleonora Duse (1858-1924), Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Armand Deyo (1851-1934). Eleonora Duse (real. - Eleanor Julia Amalia Dyuzyan)) - Italian actress of Armenian origin; Auguste Rodin - French sculptor; Armand Deyo - French art critic and art historian.

Emile Zola (1840-1902)

Frits Thaulow (1847-1906) - Norwegian landscape painter, one of the most important representatives of the Norwegian art of the XIX century.

Felix Francois Georges Philibert Winters (1821-1911) - French painter of architectural and marine species in the style of "Barbizon school".

Brakemon Felix (1833-1914) - French painter and printmaker.

Paul Albert Benard (1849-1934) - French painter, director of the School of Fine Arts (École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts), member of the French Academy (Académie française).

Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) - French painter, graphic artist and sculptor, one of the main representatives of Impressionism.

Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Leon Lhermitte (1844-1925) - French painter, draftsman and printmaker

Leon Lhermitte (1844-1925)

Carl-August-Emile Durand (1837-1917) - French painter, representative of the academic school.

Jules Breton (1827- 1906) - French painter, genre painter and landscape painter, representative of realism.

Jean-Francois Raffaelli (1850-1924) - French painter, printmaker, illustrator and chronicler of Paris.

Jean-Francois Raffaelli (1850-1924)

Jean-Paul Laurens (1838-1921) - French painter, sculptor, graphic artist and illustrator.

Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904) - French painter, representative of academic art. He became famous paintings of diverse content, mostly depicting the life of the ancient world and the East.

Antonio de la Gandara (186-1917) - French artist.

Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904)) - French painter and lithographer.

Henri Martin (1810-1883) - French historian and politician.

Alfred Stevens (1823-1906) - Belgian artist of the academic direction.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)) - French microbiologist and chemist, member of the French Academy (1881)

Leopold Delisle (1826-1910) - French historian

Leopold Delisle (1826-1910)

Anatole France (1844-1924) - French writer and literary critic. Member of the French Academy (1896). Nobel Prize winner for literature (1921), which he donated the money for the starving Russia.

Jules Renard (1864-1910) - French writer.

Henri Bergson (1859-1941) - one of the greatest philosophers of the XX century, a representative of intuitional and philosophy of life. The Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927 "in recognition of his rich and invigorating ideas and superb craftsmanship with which they are presented."

Louis Théodore Gosselin (1855 - 1935) - French historian and playwright

Ludovic Halevy (1834-1908) - playwright and novelist

Zheffrua Gustave (1855-1926) - art critic

Jules Emile Péan (1830-1898) - a prominent French surgeon, one of the founders of modern abdominal surgery and gynecology, a member of the National Academy of Medicine (1882).

Paul Marie Theodore Vincent d'Indy (1851-1931) - the full name of Paul Marie Theodore Vincent d'Indy (fr. Paul-Marie-Théodore-Vincent d'Indy), French composer, the largest representative of the school of César Franck, organist, conductor, teacher, music critic and essayist, as well as organizer and public figure. Vincent d'Indy lived a long and active life, which includes at least three life-era France. He was born in Paris in the days of the Second Republic, he lived and fought during the Second Empire (Napoleon III) and died there at age 80, already on the decline of the Third Republic.

Ernst Shapley (1835-1909) - one of the leading masters of ceramics

Paul Albert Baptolome (1848-1928), sculptor

Jules Cheret (1836-1932) - French painter and graphic artist. One of the founders of the modern poster.

Alphonse Daudet (1840-1897) - French novelist and playwright, author of colorful stories from the life of Provence, the creator of iconic images of romance and braggart Tartarin of Tarascon.

Didonne Henri (1840-1900) - a Dominican monk, a French preacher and writer; a well-known advocate of the idea of ​​sports, associate Pierre de Coubertin to revive the Olympic Games; author of the Games motto "Faster, higher, stronger» (Citius, Altius, Fortius).

Joris-Karl Huysmans (1848-1907); officially - Charles-Marie-Georges Huysmans, fr. Charles-Georges-Marie Huysmans; February 5, 1848 - 12 May 1907) - French writer. The first president of the Goncourt Academy (1900). All my life (since 1866) has served an official of the Ministry of Interior.

Joris-Karl Huysmans (1848-1907)

Alexander Dumas (1824-1895) - French playwright and writer, member of the French Academy (1874), son of Alexander Dumas.

Edmond de Goncourt (1822-1896) - French author, who became famous, along with his brother Jules de Goncourt, as a novelist, historian, art critic and memoirist.

Edmond de Goncourt (1822-1896)

Paul Cesar Ellё (1859-1927) - French artist.

Ernest Laviss (1842-1922) - French historian.

Ernest Laviss (1842-1922)

Pierre Loti (1850-1923), Pierre Loti (fr. Pierre Loti) - Vio alias Julien (Julien Viaud, 1850-1923), a French sailor and novelist. The creator of the genre of "colonial novel." His first novel, "Asian Games" (1879) - the love story of a naval officer, a Frenchman and a Turkish woman - brought him popularity.

Stephane Mallarme (1842-1898) French poet adjacent to the first Parnassians (published in the collection. "Contemporary Parnassus"), and later became one of the leaders of the Symbolists. Paul Verlaine ascribed to a number of "próklyatyh poets».

Stephane Mallarme (1842-1898)

Octave Mirbeau (1848-1917) French writer, novelist, playwright, essayist and art critic, member of the Academy Goncourt.

Octave Mirbeau Octave Mirbeau Creativity was very popular in Russia (in Russia, then released his complete works in 10 volumes, 1908-1912). Most often his work is translated into Russian: there are about 160 transfers and several attempts edition of collected works and the complete works.

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) - French sculptor, recognized as one of the founders of modern sculpture. Rodin in his youth made a living craft a decorator, and the majority of its author's works were created in adulthood.



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