Topics for essays in tsarist Russia

Topics for essays offered to the students at the beginning of the XX century. The exam quietly smokes on the sidelines.

The theme is just nice to read, and just think: what if raising children.


The sinking of our garden in the fall.

The river in moonlight night.

Forest in her time.

Meeting the troops returning from a campaign.

Grandfather's garden. (for children 12-13 years)


For younger students:

That saw the bird in distant lands.

The history of the construction of the house and breeding with him?

Giants and pigmies of the forest Kingdom.


For senior high school students:

The word as the source of happiness.

Why is life compared to a journey?

Homeland and a foreign party.

On the transience of life.

What items constitute the wealth of Russia and why?

About the high dignity of human words and letters.

About the fragility of happiness based solely on material wealth.

The manifestation of the moral principle in history.

Based on what a spiritual bond between ancestors and offspring. published


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