Headache — WHAT lies behind the pain

Any pain is a strong warning in our body about the need to pay attention to it. Therefore, it is important to know what lies behind the pain.

Headache is primarily a signal to our subconscious that we are doing something wrong.

The head can ache for many reasons – because of a cold, stress or any other reasons. Sometimes headache occurs so often that you apply the medication becomes unsafe, or it finds you by surprise where there is no nearby pharmacies with drugs.

So, how to quickly get rid of a headache?


When you suffer from headaches, it is better to stay away from any types of drinks that can dehydrate your body (in the first place, it drinks with caffeine). If the cause of headache is dehydration, you can easily get rid of it by drinking plenty of water. Water is a very effective home remedy for headache.


2.Eat almonds!

Almonds contain pain-relieving chemicals that may reduce the symptoms of a headache in 10-15 minutes.



You can make herbal tea by adding a tablespoon of dried mint in a Cup of hot water, or use mint oil with a soft massaging her temples, cheeks and nape, which will bring you an immediate relief.



For headache due to overexertion, allergies, cramps, or cold, helps cold. Wrap the ice in a towel or soak a linen cloth in cold water, apply to the forehead and temples. If the entire head hurts, can be applied cold to the neck and shoulders.

Note! When a cold compress placed on the forehead, it numbs the pain and helps the blood vessels to shrink and improves the blood circulation. This method works if the headache is caused by stress.


5. Massage with essential oil.

Mix five drops rosemary oil, five drops nutmeg oil, and five drops of lavender oil. Massage the neck and upper back. Often helps rubbing or massaging the ear lobes to the sensation of heat or a sharp compression of the lobes.

Helps ease the pain massage the point above the nose, through the growth of eyebrows.

There are two symmetric dots are small dimples in the eyebrow near the nose, they need to be massaged at the same time.

But the cause of the headache may actually be Your mindset!

For example, you have a lot of work, accumulated fatigue, but you want to bring the work to completion. Your subconscious decides that you need a rest, and starts a headache, thus saving overload and self-destruction.

Of course, these treatments headache not give such a rapid effect as painkillers. But they do not cause harm to the body and do not have side effects.

Try to cope with a headache with these simple tips and possibly medication will not be necessary.published

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