Headache can not be ignored! 5 signals that warn of a serious illness.

When the a headache after a whirlwind of celebration, or from lack of sleep, we are not so much worried. You can take a pill and soon forget about the discomfort! But when the pain comes suddenly, without preconditions and obvious reasons, this is an alarming symptom.

The body tells us about the problems instantly. If you have been sharp headache , be sure to find out that the body is not so. This will help protect against serious illness or time to cure them. In addition, to understand the source of headache, you will gain victory over her uncompromising!

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pain in the temporal part of the head and pain in the top
Pain in the temples may indicate different faults in the body. Lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and intoxication decrease intracranial pressure may cause pain. Also, pain in his temples is characteristic of the beginning of a cold or flu. If the pain in the region of the head is amplified and cause strange sensations like nausea, you should always consult a doctor. Do not leave without attention and urgent pain in the back of his head Such pain are often signs of the approaching hemorrhage.

Headache in the morning
If you often wake up with a headache, while remaining a fan of sobriety, it is a bad signal to the body. Morning headache may indicate sleep apnea, problems with pressure and even brain tumors. In this case, the examination is necessary!

The pain around the eyes, and pain in the cheekbones
Cluster headache, or pain in the eyes, - one of the worst feelings. Withstanding these attacks is almost impossible! We recommend to consult a good neurologist, when such pain suddenly visited you. It may indicate abnormalities in the hypothalamus, the sudden dilation of the blood vessels of the brain and disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

< Pain in the cheekbone and forehead may indicate the beginning of sinusitis.

Headache and dizziness
Often the headache is accompanied by drive-annoying symptoms: dizziness, nausea, blurred in the eyes, pain in the neck, throbbing attacks. Osteochondrosis, experienced a head injury in the past, hormonal disruptions, neurosis and depression can cause similar pain. Very often the classic headache is accompanied by similar phenomena. Let us follow their dietary guidelines, sleep and rest before consulting a doctor. It is important to know every little detail, the specialist diagnosed correctly!

«heavy» the head and a feeling of tightness in the upper part of the head
If it seems that the head is at the time turned into a pumpkin, it's not so scary! < Tenzionnaya headache is one of the most common and can be caused by overwork, lack of oxygen, low physical activity and strong nervous experiences. Take a good night's sleep and rest, it will help cope with the pain!

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