Main facts about the iPad mini

Apple sent out invitations to the presentation, not saying that specifically will tell. But no one doubts that we are talking about the iPad mini. What is this device?

Although the company does not tell Cho that it will demonstrate to the public, hardly anyone doubts that we are talking about the iPad mini, a smaller version of the iPad: the entire world for a long time discussing the nuances of the product, the existence of which Apple to keep the intrigue is still not recognized officially. What is this device?

As Steve jobs put up with the "little iPad"

Rumors about the future of "small iPad" exist since the advent of "big". Now their concentration exceeds a critical mass: it is very unlikely that all coming from different sources of information proved to be false. Especially considering the finally presentation. But what about the fact that Steve jobs himself called 7-inch screen is not suitable for tablets, saying that such devices are deprived of the mobility of smartphones, but really don't get advantages that compensate for this. To understand why the General line has changed, helps the letter sent to Apple's Vice President eddy cue other key employees in January 2011 (it became public in the trial Apple vs Samsung): "I believe in the emergence of a market for 7-inch tablets, and that we ought to make such a device. During the time since thanksgiving, I have several times talked about it to Steve, and last time he seemed very receptive to the idea. In my opinion, reading mail, books, using Facebook and watching video 7-inch screen copes very well. The weak link is the Internet, but they can use it".

Mini — correct name, and sales will begin in November

Guess the name of a new Apple product is not as easy as it might seem: when the company released the first tablet that many were waiting to hear the word hypothetical. Small version also leaves room for imagination (for example, iPod nano similar with iPod nano), but now all the sources agree on the version of the iPad mini. This name also resonates with another Apple product — a miniature system unit Mac mini.

With the start of sales, everything is easier: the forecast can be done based on how much time passed between the presentation and sale of the previous major Apple products. This interval was about ten days — then if the schema does not change, the first customers will receive the device at the beginning of November. Of course, we are talking about countries standing in the queue for the first iPad — to Russia it comes it is good if for the New year.

How it looks and what's inside

The network got a lot of photos of the different components of iPad mini. Some of them may be fake, but in General a lot of them and they are quite similar to each other in order to draw conclusions. And get conclusions as follows: the tablet will be similar to "big brother" will keep the aspect ratio of 4:3 (and not follow the example of the "stretched" iPhone 5). External differences other than reduction to the diagonal of 7.85 inches, it is possible to note the more rounded side. The screen resolution is expected to be 1024×768 pixels (as a conventional iPad, while in 2012 it has doubled in both directions). As a budget model, is the advanced CPU she'll probably get the A5 used in the iPad 2. As it would be logical to assume, became the new connector Lightning, much less the same. He first appeared in the iPhone 5 — previously released accessories can be connected only via adapter.

iPad mini yet, but the covers are ready

When starting any new Apple product, some companies are starting to make cases and accessories in advance, based on rumors to be able to offer them first. This is a long shot (if the dimensions of the device are as expected, has released the batch of cases will be thrown out), so go on is not all. But, as the experience of the iPhone 5, Apple already is not so good to deal with leaks, and the accuracy of forecasts increases along with the number of those who based on these forecasts. So Brian white of Topeka Capital Markets company, having gone to Asia and talking to local companies, found some of them already packaged and ready to sell accessories for the device, the very existence of which has not yet been officially confirmed.

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