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To ride a bike well, but even better to ride it in the dark. After all, this feeling is unforgettable: around flash lights, the road is mysterious and portends something unusual and unexpected. On the other hand, it is as exciting as unsafe. Even a Bicycle, equipped with standard signal light can be invisible on the road, which may lead to negative consequences not only for the cyclist but also for other road users.

Therefore, a group of independent designers, which included Frank Guo (Frank Guo), hang Wong (Wang Hung) and Start morrow (Morrow Sturt) and developed his own signal system alert for cyclists. Named this project was Bike Zone (Bike zone). This device is a laser projector, bounding around a cyclist with a bright red light rectangular area. In addition to creating the region, indicating the presence of on-road cyclist, red beams indicate the direction of motion: if the cyclist turns left, then on the left side of the rays take the form of symbols that look like the left arrow, similarly occurs and notification of the right turn.

This design is a little bracelet that fit to the road container-a backpack and easily fixed on any item of the body of the bike, creates a meter area of safety for the cyclist with the light, which allows drivers of cars easily noticed on the road cyclist. A animated alarm symbols double the level of security and clarity in understanding the future direction of movement.

This is the perfect product for lovers of Cycling in the night even brought their creators a bronze at the competition Lite-On Awards in Taiwan this year, but the date of release and cost of the product has no data.

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