From the life of motorists

Food, then, in the right lane. More precisely in the gap between the right and next to the sidewalk, which left motorists. Meter and a half width may well be perceived as a band for a motorcycle. Fundamentally food quietly in such cases, and in this time, too, the speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Right on the sidewalk waiting for the bus people (standing in the midst of traffic jams), and suddenly a granny imagined that the bus has come, and it falls out of the crowd with his cart and breaking to the standing traffic. This was not looking at my motopolosu movement.
 Zhmaknut manage to brake and stand as vkopany, having rested a little in Babulin gurney for cans, bottles. Truck loses balance, pulling for a granny, half a second, it is riding on his cart. After another half-second behind feel a little "boom", and behind him a very tangible "broads" in Motyka and me on the back, which Motik almost leaned forward, but it tryahonulo considerably. And I'm only surprised that, it could be. Obarachivayus, in the passenger seat with a very surprised face sitting cyclist wearing a helmet, glasses and a very surprised expression on his face.
 Somehow, I was only asked "who are you?" To which the frightened face and told that the cyclist (and I myself did not think, would be for wallowing behind the bike) It turns out that he rode behind me two meters, but with a greater fast catching up. I decided that I was through the tube it will be interesting to go. As there is such bad luck, Motik stopped abruptly. Cyclist also decided to abruptly stop, the brake is also "zhmaknul" why his word and tough cycling Stoppa and inertia caused forward.
 Standing ohrenevayu: inundated by pedestrians. Ahead grandmother riding on a carriage lying on its side. And behind a trait that gripped the Motik all its claws. Then I suddenly realized why cycling gloves with cut fingers do. On the sidewalk at all this looks a lot surprised crowd.
 I do not know why, but I said loudly, "how-you all zadolbali already!" The phrase had a magical effect, grandmother abruptly got up and went after the session Kashpirovsky and cyclist finally let go of the bike and frantically began awkwardly grabbing your bike and try to mosey. With that, in the opposite direction!

Many ofigev from such a turn of events, Posavje GCM on the bandwagon took off his helmet and took a cigarette. He lit. Motik examined - one minor scratch on the stern, apparently from iron eggs cyclist. The crowd, just in case a little moved away from the edge of the roadway. Granny again merged with the crowd, but the cyclist ufigachil notably against the grain ...

Three hundred times perematerivshis carefully drove home, parked XJRa and immediately drank beer.
 As soon as the road conditions are not making fun of our brother! Pedestrians and cyclists! Be bzditelny!



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