December 24, 2013, at AvtoVAZ released last instance "fourteenth" model

This development of the Soviet automobile industry lasted 29 years on the assembly line and has sold 5, 3 million pieces.
Today, December 24, 2013, at AvtoVAZ released last instance "fourteenth" model - so ended the story of the family cars originating from the "eights" and "nines».

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In 1985, when the first Soviet front-wheel model of VAZ-2108, went on sale, it was accepted by customers with admiration. The lack of rear doors first seen as a big disadvantage, but at that time a fresh design, dynamics and handling make novelty dream car. And rumors that the development of "eight" was attended by experts of Porsche, added model status

Compared to all the former Soviet development, "Lada Sputnik" (the so-called first family of Samara) impresses with its habits on high-speed lines, and in sharp turns. If the "Classic", because of the design features of the rear suspension with beam axle, was dancing on the irregularities, the hatchback is stable in turns, though harsh suspension is not as comfortable. Immediately, many motorists are beginning to practice "sports driving techniques." In any case, the owners of a novelty ride aggressively emphasized.

Black unpainted bumpers were made of an elastic plastic, which is not afraid of small strokes. When parking in reverse will not notice the low bar, and will move "up the characteristic sound", with high probability on the bumper will be over

Behind the wheel of "eight" once you pay attention to the fact that the landing is much more convenient and ergonomic controls on the order of magnitude better than previous models. The "classics" knees bent under his right hand a long shift lever, wherein not very sharp moves, and VAZ-2108 you sit lower leg straight, the hand itself rests on the sportily short gear knob, handle that much easier.

Interior looks good in those years, but after a while waiting for buyers unpleasant discovery: the front panel is made of rigid plastic begins to rattle very much. On "Six" this did not happen ...

Trehdverka satisfied by no means all, so that the appearance of modifications to the rear door becomes an event in the market. After the start of production pyatidverki VAZ-2109 in 1987, no doubt remains: the family Lada Samara has become the most desirable car for our fellow citizens. The car even becomes the protagonist of pop hits - "Cherry" nine "," in which the singer of the "combination" complaining: "It was bought - I forgot».

In 1990, the market will sedan "Ninety-ninth." Design a few lurid protruding trunk is controversial, but this modification still become the most prestigious.

For many years the family Samara cars turn into the protagonists of Russian motorsport. And in circuit racing and autocross most pilots start using "eight" - the lack of rear doors positive impact on the rigidity of the body. In all the impression of black and yellow "eight" with extravagant aerodynamic Team Miller Pilot, advocated by Nikolai Fomenko. Later, the team will replace the "eight" to "ninety-nine", which will have more bright appearance. And even in the "zero" years, the model of the family Samara remain the most preferred and affordable option for those who want to try yourself in motorsport, but short of money.

In the spirit of fashion trends

When Russian streets flooded with used cars, prestige "ninety-nine" and their relatives have suffered serious damage. But at the same time in front of their owners open new horizons: never before have Russian motorists had no such opportunities to modify their vehicles due to all sorts of additional equipment and accessories. Every second owner of "Nine" deeply convinced that it is necessary to personalize the car. So in the life of the family cars Samara an era of mass tuning.

It was believed that of all the articles of the Russian car industry is "eight" and "Nine" is best suited for the construction of drayverskih devices. Debuting in 1995, "ten" disappoint fans of fast driving his valkost in turns, lack of body rigidity and excess weight. Whether business "Samara»! ..

If under the rear bumper of the car flaunt Monroe shock absorber struts yellow or red Koni, such a machine is a matter of respect from motorists understand. Red Brembo brake calipers on the front wheels - this is also a sign that the owner has joined the real world of sports "devices." These usually replace regular 13-inch wheels on the wheel at least "the fifteenth" diameter and do not skimp on dorogushchuju sports rubber "top" brands.

Most serious tuning can not afford it, so get the best spread that neither is a cheap show-off: regular brake calipers painted red. Some even have the sense to paint and rear drums. Brew door handles, tinted taillights and turn signals to change yellow to white will be later, well, at first for the majority of fans tuning dream of becoming a major aerodynamic. Quality components appear only at the end of the 90s, and about any aerodynamic benefits, as a rule, the speech was not. The use of them was only that the car stood in the stream.

Serious tuning projects expected to increase engine power, changing gear ratios CPR and proper suspension tuning, quantifiable units. Tolyatti company "Lada Engineering" and "Torgmash" mastered the construction of such machines with developments from the world of motorsport. But the cost of such a tuning adjusted cost of the machine to the level of foreign cars, and serious "hot" hatchbacks "eight" and "Nine" still did not get. Even with the 125-horsepower engine (compared to 73 hp from the standard engine), these cars were recruited 100 km / h in about 10, 5, that is not dazzling.

New generation: Samara-2

Introduced in 1997, "Fifteen" has attracted a lot of attention: such a serious upgrade did not get none of the Russian machine. AvtoVAZ calls the development of the second generation, but strictly speaking, this facelift as many body panels remained the same, and from a technical point of view, no progress.

This design win was only that food which is the "ninety-ninth" looked slightly ridiculous, completely transformed: the boot lid was higher, there was a top wing, and thus the overall silhouette has become more harmonious. And the aerodynamic body kit was not just embellishment - carried out by specialists of "Auto Review" test proved that all it really works. The lifting force acting on the car at high speeds, reduced by as much as 30%, and the load distribution was perfect - close to 50/50 (the "ninety-ninth" the nose of the unloaded more than food, which reduced exchange rate stability).

Beauty update failed completely, and this has even been linked to one incident. In approving the project, the then director of the plant Kadannikov expressed his displeasure with the fact that the interior of the news turned out to be better than the "tens", which in fact should have a higher status.

If the sedan was a timely update, the preparation for the production of restyled hatchback greatly delayed. The five-door "fourteenth" appears only in 2001, well and fans of "trehdverok" have to wait "thirteenth" already before 2004. In general restyling hatchback lucky with much less. Initially, it was planned to make a lot of changes in the design of these machines: the angle of the back door had to change, and the roof was planned to be raised slightly. All of this was very practical goal: the aerodynamics of the new machine would solve a known problem with the constantly dirty rear window. And it is necessary, it would change its slope by just two degrees ... But no luck: in the 90 years the plant did not have the resources for such alterations, and eventually in the back of a spoiler installed. Even such a trifle as the new tail lights, such as those received sedan on hetbchekah not appear.
At a time when the Samara-2 has been developed at AvtoVAZ had a lot of ambitious projects for the transformation of this family of machines. In particular, we plan a "hot" hatchback "Sprint" with a more powerful engine. Unfortunately, from him, like many other developments had to be abandoned.

Zero. Second Youth

A striking case: the development decades ago at the beginning of the century has not been considered so much an anachronism. After all, even the compact hatchbacks like the Peugeot 206 and Opel Corsa, at the beginning of "zero" for the majority is a luxury. In the province for the same money you can buy an apartment! Well, that's "eight" or "nine" - is another matter. 100 000 can be purchased with all the necessary three-year, "music", alarm, alloy wheels and tinted.

Production models of Samara-2 for a long time can not swing, and cheaper "nine" continue to be in demand, so they stay on the line right up to 2006. But on the whole family "Samara" quickly exhausted the resources of their "second youth": at the time when AvtoVAZ completely switched to release the second generation of these models are already frankly outdated. Especially disappointing results of crash tests. In tests of the newspaper "Auto Review" "Fourteen," like "nine", gets zero stars.

In the second half of "zero" in the market there is a huge amount of available cars. And it is clear - the years of "Samara" are numbered.

Recent games

Oleg Grunenkov, project manager for the creation of the VAZ models. It was from him learned that the family of Samara to live only two years - Granta is designed to replace both the "classic" and the front-wheel drive car.

In 2012, sales of Samara began to plummet, and at the end of the year left the assembly line, "Fifteen." In this June, to cease production of three-door "thirteenth" five-door "fourteenth" survived them all for six months. During 11 months of 2013 their customers have found all 38 thousand models of the family Samara.

"Eight" hiding in the rear-view mirrors and gradually disappear from our streets, but the point of their lives. Suffice it to say that all of them followed the VAZ models today are based on the elements of "vosmerochnoy" platform. Many of us had a chance to departure on the models of the family Samara. And I think that today we remember them with kind words.

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