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That's another year came to an end. Good old tradition suggest you remember important events that have occurred in the world in 2013. If you choose the most unusual festival in the world, the "Burning Man" will clearly be one of the leaders. In the Black Rock Desert in Nevada gathered more than 68 000 participants at the 27th annual festival "Burning Man 2013»
Gathered for a week from all over the world in the desert people to express themselves radically. Among the sands were built various unusual buildings and installations, often fantastic shapes. Here you can find hundreds of cars most incredible species, many participants attend in costume characters and animals of various subjects.

MAX (MAKS) - is an international aerospace exhibition, which takes place every 2 years in Zhukovsky, near Moscow. The purpose of the MAKS - demonstration of Russian high technologies. This year MAKS 2013 was attended by over a thousand companies, 289 foreign companies from 40 countries were contracted for a total of $ 21, 2 billion. & Lt; a href = «» style = «display: none» & gt; The most important and interesting for the year in pictures & lt; / a & gt;

New Russian spaceship. MAKS 2013 was presented to full-size mock manned transport spacecraft new generation (PTKK NP), which is designed for a comfortable flight of four people with a large supply of food and water.

Mayoral elections were held in Moscow in the Russian capital September 8, 2013 in a single day of voting. The turnout was 32, 03%. According to the results of the election winner was acting Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, second place went to opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Alexei Navalny and his wife.

September 11, 2013 ended with the 36th expedition to the ISS. The crew of six astronauts from Russia, the United States and Canada, returned safely to Earth, landing in the Kazakh steppe. Space expedition lasted 166 days, during which time the International Space Station flew around the Earth 2,500 times.

The commander of the 36th expedition to the ISS Pavel Vinogradov after returning to Earth on 11 September 2013.

In September, the central part of the state of Colorado has come a devastating flood. Disaster victims were six people, more than 580 people are unaccounted for. Destroyed thousands of homes and farms, hundreds of kilometers of roads.

Tractor in the field. Colorado, 14 September 2013.

The rise of the cruise liner Costa Concordia. Liner Costa Concordia, one of the ten largest cruise ships in the world, crashed Jan. 13, 2012. In September, off the coast of the Italian island of Giglio has successfully passed a unique operation to raise the sunken 300-meter giant weighing 114,000 tons. The largest and most expensive sea rescue operation in history is worth about 250 million euros, and damage to the owners amounted to 1.5 billion euros.

Final liquidation of consequences of the crash will consist of 10 stages and will require several years. Off the coast of the island of Giglio boat mounted on a platform that will help him survive the winter storm season, will stay at least until the end of next spring. Then Costa Concordia will be towed to one of the nearest ports for recycling. (Photo by Reuters | Alessandro Bianchi):

At the end of September in Munich opened the 180th in a row Oktoberfest 2013 - the largest folk festival in the world. He was visited by 6 million. Man, with the price liter mug comes to € 9.66 (~ 415 rubles).

Traditionally, it has opened the mayor of Munich: at noon, after a volley of 12 pieces of artillery, he tapped the first keg mallet with beer and knocked out her gag with the traditional cry of «O`zapft is!» - Translated from Bavarian dialect as "Open!" but is perceived by all as "Pour!". Photos Christof Stache | AFP | Getty Images):

The new sports show "Tank biathlon" can rightly be called a world premiere. It was one of the most complex technological projects of modern television. Busy on the set of a record number of shooting equipment and specialists, working conditions close to the fighting. Part of a hundred cameras, removing "Tank biathlon" is controlled by robots. We can say that Russia has opened a new kind of world military sports. But first things first. (Photo by Sasha Blue):

September 19 talented Russian photojournalist Denis Sinyakou was detained along with environmentalists Greenpeace during a rally in oil platform "Prirazlomnaya" in the Arctic. The investigation opened a criminal case about piracy, photos taken action Greenpeace on orders, was arrested. This case received wide publicity.

Denis wife Alina in a single picket in front of the SC in Moscow. (Photo by Alexei Filippov | RIA Novosti):

The new iPhone. None of the start of sales of a new product does not become the world's news if we are not talking about Apple. Whatever it was - new iPhone, iPads or Aimag. So wait, perhaps, only the election of a new Pope.

In line at the Apple Store on the main shopping street in Ginza Tokyo on the night before the start of sales of new models of iPhone 5S and 5C and before the opening on September 19, 2013. (Photo by Toru Hanai | Reuters):

Massacre in a shopping center in Nairobi. September 22, 2013, armed men attacked visitors fashionable Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. To drive the terrorists in the corner, the secret services of Kenya took three days. As a result of the massacre in a shopping mall in Nairobi killed 67 people, more than 170 were injured. The newspaper USA Today compares the attack in Kenya since the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001.

Livni in Sochi. In September in Sochi and Adler have been numerous showers that have repeatedly flooded city. September 2013 turned out to be all on the record rainfall - 525 mm, which is 413% of the monthly norm.

September 24th a new railway station in Adler became a river port. (Photo by Oleg Smerechinskogo | RIA Novosti):

On September 29, the ruins of the temple of the goddess Hera, the ancient city of Olympia, who gave the name of the game, the ceremony of lighting the Olympic flame from the sun's rays using a parabolic mirror. This ceremony was attended by several dozen plainclothes priestesses. (Photo by Yannis Behrakis | Reuters):

In September, the US state of California on the beach in Huntington Beach held an annual competition canine surfing. The jury assessed the performance of four-legged friends a person on one main criterion - the ability to stay as long as possible on a wave on a surfboard. The main objective of this positive action - to draw public attention to the problems of animals and to raise funds for charity. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson | Reuters):

State crisis in the US. This was not in the United States since 1996. In September, the holiday was sent more than 800,000 of the nearly 2 million federal employees. Closed museums, all national parks and other federal agencies. The US government has partially suspended the work of state institutions, as Republicans and Democrats failed to overcome differences on the budget.

California, Yosemite National Park, established on October 1, 1890, was closed: the US experienced the most serious crisis of the state in the last 17 years. (Photo by John Lemieux):

One morning in Milan incredible happened: in the heart of Russian submarine surfaced. It was an unusual advertising campaign of the insurance company on October 1, 2013. (Photo by Reuters):

October 4, 2013 was exactly 20 years since the tragic events of October 1993 in Moscow, when Russia was on the brink of civil war. Conflict of President Boris Yeltsin and his supporters with Parliament degenerated into street clashes, armed conflict and bloodshed. Until now, the Russian society is split in the assessment in October 1993.

The main boxing match 2013 October 5, 2013 hosted a fight between Alexander Povetkin and Wladimir Klitschko, who eventually defended his title of world champion under version WBA (World Boxing Association) and championship belts WBO (World Boxing Organization) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) . This event has been submitted to the Russian viewer as the main "boxing match of the year." (Photo by Gregory Sysoev | RIA Novosti):

Olympic Torch Relay. Olympic flame lit by a parabolic mirror in Olympia, has visited the North Pole and in space.

The Olympic Torch Relay "Sochi 2014" is the longest and most ambitious in the history of the Olympic Winter Games. Relay began October 7, 2013 and will end on the opening day of the Olympics February 7, 2014. Within 123 days of the Games torch in the hands of athletes overcome more than 65 thousand kilometers in cars, trains, airplanes, as well as on the Russian troika and reindeer in front of 130 million inhabitants in 2900 settlements of Russia, will visit the capitals of all 83 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Three-time world champion and two-time Olympic gymnastics champion Svetlana Khorkina with a torch, Moscow, 7 October 2013. (Photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev | AFP | Getty Images):

In early October, in Moscow as part of the International Day for Animal Welfare was an exhibition of homeless animals from Moscow shelters. Volunteers brought the most beautiful and wonderful dogs and several cats, any of which could take to his home, love and care. The event was sold souvenirs, all proceeds were transferred to the Khabarovsk Krai zoozaschitniki for flood victims and owners of abandoned animals. (Photo by George Maltz):

International Festival "Circle of Light" - a unique project that allows to reveal the familiar face of Moscow in a new light, in which lighting designers and professionals in the field of 2D and 3D graphics using the architectural space of the city, as an object for multimedia and light installations. This year's festival was held in the 3rd time, with 4 to 8 October. (Photo by Marina Lystsevoy):

Another Moscow. In mid-October, Muslims celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice. In Moscow, the tradition has become the center of celebrations Mosque at the sports complex "Olympic", which reached tens of thousands of people. (Photo by Ilya Varlamov):

October 14 in California was the 40th championship pumpkin weighing. The winner was Harry Miller, who grew a pumpkin weighing 900 kg! The main prize was 11,910 dollars, or $ 2.11 per kilogram of his plants. (Photo by Justin Sullivan | Getty Images):

In mid-October in the Philippines was the most powerful for the last 23 years, an earthquake of magnitude 7, 2, with its epicenter in two kilometers from the town of Carmen. 222 people were killed, eight more still unaccounted for, wounded 976.

Russia is one of the first places in the world in wealth among the population, surpassed only by several small Caribbean States, said in a report on global welfare, prepared by the bank Credit Suisse. In general, the world's billionaires in total hold 1-2% of the national welfare; Today in Russia 110 billionaires owns 35% of the wealth. (Photo by Rustem Adagamova):

In October 2013 super-smog shrouded the Chinese city of Harbin. According to Reuters, in some areas of the city air pollution is 50 times higher than normal. Visibility in the city center is less than 50 meters. Smog has led to serious disturbances in the transport and urban institutions because of poor visibility, many flights were canceled and some expressways closed, closed schools. (Photo by Reuters):

Clashes in Biryulyovo. On the night of October 10 in Biryulyovo was killed by 25-year-old Yegor Shcherbakov. The young man got into a fight with some man who insulted his girlfriend. As a result, Shcherbakov was fatally stabbed. Later in the metropolitan area Biryulyovo clashes between nationalists and local residents on the one hand and on the other fighters riot. (Photo by Maxim Blinov | RIA Novosti):

Amsterdam Dance Event - is the main annual event in Europe in the field of electronic music, taking place in Amsterdam. Since 1996, it has become one of the most important international dance - music "gatherings". There are going to the leading musicians, DJs, journalists from around the world, and at the festival throughout the city are the most prominent parties and iconic music labels.

Riots in Rome. October 18, 2013 in Rome, tens of thousands of people took to the manifestation of protest against the construction of high-speed railway between Turin and Lyon. The tunnel, which is going to pave the Alps, according to local residents lead to environmental disaster in the region.

In October were declared winners micrographs Nikon small world in 2013, which is the oldest and most respected competition of its kind in the world. This is a demonstration of beauty, sophistication and perfection of nature observed through mikroskop.Izobrazhenie rat brain. (Photo by Ashley M. Smith):

Large mirrors to illuminate the dark valley in Norway. In the small Norwegian town of Rjukan, which is in a deep mountain gorge, the sun does not happen in 6 months a year, from September to March - with the advent of autumn sun dips below the mountain ridge, and people do not see it until spring.

100 years ago, a local engineer suggested putting a large mirror on the mountain, to use it to cover the city in autumn and winter. But then it was not any money or opportunities. And now, after many years of efforts of local businessman and his friends the unusual project become a reality.

This system has cost businesses $ 800 000. The official opening will take place on October 31, 2013. The mayor of the local commune pretty surprised attention to this event the world's press, but believes that this is a good gift of local children - let them rejoice in the sunshine. Rjukan, Norway, October 18, 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Tore Meek | NTB Scanpix):

Terrorist attack in Volgograd. October 21, 2013 there was a major attack occurred in Volgograd. The explosion in the bus. Power of the explosion was about two kilograms of TNT. Killing seven passengers and a female suicide bomber, about 40 people were injured. According to investigators, a bomb in the action brought 30-year-old native of Dagestan.

October 29, 2013 the Bank of Russia and Gosznak showed "Olympic" hundred-ruble note. For the first time in the history of modern Russia in the vertical position of banknote design. The world's first banknote (previously there were only coins) made to the Winter Olympic Games. (Photo by Igor Russak | RIA Novosti):

In late October, the US Treasury suspected Russian singer Grigory Leps in connection with an international criminal organization. According to US authorities, Leps engaged in transportation money for the leader of a criminal syndicate. He denied entry into the United States. The singer believes the whole story absurd. Whether there is smoke without fire - this can only guess.

He waited six years. November 3rd in the world happened rare hybrid solar eclipse. Such was in 2007 and the next will occur only 10 years old, in 2023. Eclipse is called a hybrid, as it changes from full on and ring-back. (Photo Stinger | Reuters):

Where to live well. In the autumn of British non-profit organization Legatim Institute recently published its annual ranking of the most prosperous countries - Prosperity Index 2013. Researchers from London began to publish this rating in 2009.

To evaluate the economic performance they take (GDP, income) as well as less precise criteria (eg, life satisfaction). All 89 criteria divided into eight groups: economy, business and opportunities, governance, education, health, security, personal freedom, social capital. Using 12 different data sources, including surveys of Gallup, analysts put 142 countries assessment for each criterion from 0do 110, and then make a summary rating.

Russia this year climbed to 61th place and 1st place went to Norway.

Olympic torch into space. November 7 spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-11M" with the crew of a new expedition went to the ISS. This flight is particularly notable for the fact that on board the ship is the Olympic torch, which is carried in the November 9 spacewalk Russian cosmonauts. (Photo: NASA | Bill Ingalls):

November 8, 2013 to the Philippines of Super hit "Haiyan." Wind speed reaches 315 km / h with gusts up to 380 km / h. Of Super accompanied by waves up to six meters on the islands of Samar and Leyte. The number of victims has reached 16 million people, or one in ten of the country, 6,009 people were killed, went missing nearly 1,800 people. Reconstructing destroyed or damaged by the typhoon shelter will take at least three years. (Photo Charism Sayat | AFP | Getty Images):

Dancing forest. Trees here really do not grow normally. There are no sounds. It is possible that there are no birds at all. Locals call this mystical place "dance forest", the scientists - the abnormal area. Is this unusual place on the Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region. (Photo by Sergey Mukhamedova):

The main event of the automobile in 2013 fits in five letters - Tesla.


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