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Interesting data: Belarusian drivers began to spend on average twice as much time at the pump than 15 years ago. Of the stalls with tight toned glass gas station turned into a big shopping malls where you can buy as cud, and garden furniture. Now many refills aim to provide related services, such as a car wash or dry clean the inside. But one thing remains the same: first of all motorists go there for fuel. Where network stations take gasoline and diesel fuel, check whether its admission and how to construct the filling inside, read our reportage.

- For the seventh 92-all - stretches 200,000th bill driver.

Usually one, about the phrase limited all communication between the client and the station operator. At no more. Rhythm of work here on the highway. At peak times per minute service 3-4 visitor! Daily average of 1200-1300 motorists refuel, 500 people make purchases, and 250 decide to eat. These are average figures for Minsk: somewhere flow more somewhere - less.


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