New Year's Eve in Poland

Hello everyone.

I want to share impressions about the trip of our noisy group of 6 people on New Year's vacation in Poland in 2013, more precisely with 31.12 to 7.01. Only letters will be many in the introduction, photos - in the sequel. I will inform you about the end.

Why Poland? Because close, inexpensive and, most importantly, not at home. The same money we would have spent in his native Perm, but the impression would have been quite different.

What is Poland? The only thing I know about her, without looking at the wiki, is a country in Eastern Europe with the capital Warsaw, in 1939 that Hitler won without a fight and declared it its territory, the country of the former Socialist. camp that belongs to Polish Slavic group of languages ​​and remotely similar to the Russian (known for the films with the '80s), that in 2012 there took place the matches of the World Cup. In other words, do not know anything.

What you should know: nat. currency - the zloty (zl - local designation, PLN - International), which is equal to 10 rubles. Very convenient - attributed to the price of zero and get the price of rubles. Polish penny - a pittance. Adopted the euro as we have - only in exchange (Kantor in Polish). The country is part of the Schengen area and NATO.

Actually, the route itself. I'll tell you, the route has changed a bit in the process of traveling.

Initially, the trip takes into account several important points that can not be ignored in any case:

1. Not more than 40 thousand of money per person

2. The trip must be on auto

3. Visit to the maximum of number of local attractions

4. Shopping in Outlet.

Now the details of each item:

1. An amount of 40 kilorubley arose from the average cost per person with a view of the road, hotels, food. Ie exactly as much money you need to without pathos and dust in the eyes live in Poland 8 days. Spend more - no matter what, is less - is not profitable. Shopping in this amount is not included.

2. In my opinion, the only form of transport that maximizes deep plunge into the host country and not to limit the scope of the tour. vouchers.

3. It is possible. The main thing is not to sit in numbered when the window kipit life.

4. For those who do not know what Outlets - shop with brand clothing at low prices. Ie New take off here (in the sense, not b / y) stock things previous collections of famous brands at very low prices. To understand, very low prices is a very low price relative to company stores and generally with respect to any decent shops in Russia. For example, I bought a jacket for every day for 120 PLN (the initial price was 7 times higher - tore off all the stickers with the labels), the wife of his H & M acquired business skirt suits, jeans, T-shirt, cardigan and something else for approx. 500 PLN. Discounts in Europe are really discount, not ridicule those that do we have in the stores. Again an example: autumn shoes Ecco in Poland PLN 220, exactly the same in the Kaliningrad Ecco - 5600 already discounted.

Plan of operations was as follows: we take the car in Kaliningrad, cross the border, and ride across Poland on the approved route, 7.01 renting cars back to Kaliningrad and fly home. Since we ourselves from Perm, then added a flight here from his native city to Koenig with changes partly in Moscow and partly in St. Petersburg. In Kaliningrad, a couple of months have booked a car for 6 persons - Mercedes Viano. Judging from the pictures and reviews, the car was going to be a comfortable and reliable. I must say, in Russia in the rental took first time, did not know what to look for, what to believe and what to check, because previously discussed with a manager rolling office rental and those. state. In Europe, everything is simple - law, a credit card, a new car and all the insured. Nakosyachil - paid, broken not your fault - will adjust immediately another of the same class and apologized. We are all vague - another state xs there, how and when. Shortly before the day's I even told about additional testing cars on the "prof. suitability ". In general, everything is fine.

Promised cars online rentovoy company -

Insert pictures here failed.

This office - the only one that gave the car for 6 people with go abroad. Others were either lower class (up to 5 people), or it is very scary (not sure of the model, in my Dodge Caravan, as many as 2,002 GV) or without conductive departure from the Russian Federation.

My photos of the car. Mercedes Viano 2004 onwards, automatic, diesel, horses do not remember, but frisky, running approx. 250 t. Km.

Inside the broken half of the armrests (not kept at the right level), tabletop decor (stupidly broken off), and traces of rust on the corners, not counting scratches and scuffs everywhere. In general, not nove.


These are minor mischief

Russia followed us rain and lack of snow, which was unusual compared to native Perm with its 30C.

The first culture shock was at the gas station near the border, where we decided to refuel to complete.

This filling in Polish "to the eyeballs." The bars were all gas stations along the road to the border. By tilting the machine, Poles poured gasoline literally all corners of the tank and pipes. The reason is simple - the price.

Price of fuel in Russia

Price of fuel in Poland. Prices, of course, the zloty (x10 - price in rubles). Two diesel - for cars and shooting galleries, ie distance trucks.

The border with Poland. There was a chance of running into a place on New Year's Day, as it was on the Belarusian-Polish border, but nothing happened. All-pro all gone 20 minutes: passports, entry stamp, Welcome to my Blog.

The first thing that caught my eye this way: smooth, clean, well-groomed. For comparison, it is the road immediately after the border ...

... And it's not long before, ie, Russia. I apologize for the quality of the pictures. Lil small and frequent rain, stop for a couple of photos did not want to. Yes, and so can see the difference in my opinion.

We stopped for dinner, although in Poland it was more of a dinner. The difference between the Urals and native Poland - minus 5 hours. Actually, it was even comfortable: the local time at midnight we have cut down, but at 7 am cheerfully went to breakfast.

Roadside cafe-restaurant.

Outside. If you look to the left corner sticking out of the roof of the local gas station. Ie this is the usual cafe near the road at a gas station near a small village and the motorway exit.

Prices delight purse.

This Zurek - Polish national soup. Preparing for flour sourdough. Something similar to our hodgepodge. How we then ate in different places, always ordered Zurek - for comparison. Of course, it was all different. The wife then looked at home recipe - simple to ugliness. But flour leaven should be prepared 5 days.

The first night - Poznan. Like all cities in Poland, it is small but cozy. We arrived after dark, unaccustomed tired and did not want to walk too much. Especially to the NG had a couple of hours.

Room Novotel

King-size bed :)

New Year's Eve asked the local where to go on holiday. Said, go to the noise of firecrackers and volleys

Flash light reflected from the smoke and lit shot.

So is better. A little further on was fenced cell wall-grid area with a stage where local dance groups, large screens and trade rows (in a 12-hour night !!!). The square is not allowed with glass bottles special boys and girls reflective uniforms. In general, all peacefully and with dignity, though terribly loud.

Trade left, right (blue) of stage and screen. What's interesting, right, behind the scenes, on the viaduct was a new car in a decorative symbolism. Apparently the advertising campaign of a car dealership. So this car is absolutely not affected. Why it seems to me that put Rolf new Mitsubishi on the main square in the New Year, even though the mirror, but would tear off.

Of debris after such events can not escape.

Part of the area after the festivities

These fireworks launched immediately, among the crowd. People parted and looked for a holiday :)

Is not that great luck ...


Full face. I hope it is clear.

View on Poznan from the height of rooms at

Another view, and a few hours later


This is a local exhibition center combined with shopping. It is often held in Poznan large international or Polish national exhibitions. Partly for that reason, and our hotel and is located near a road so high and several expensive than the city average. But in the center.

It is a park on the other side of the OCE on the trail. morning. At night it was closed.

Posted in [mergetime] 1358954976 [/ mergetime]

Although the fence just above human growth, wanting to walk in it and the guards with dogs were not.


Again he

Our crowd it

In general, the park is very beautiful. It is seen that done responsibly and with soul.

These are reliefs

VVC directly from the park. In the background, a business hotel.

Details VVC


Poznan Arbat. Although rather just one of the shopping streets in the old part of the city.

I must say that all ancient cities in Poland and throughout Europe, either explicitly or implicitly divided into old and new city. New - this is what built relatively recently.

Old - what lies around the town hall. The Town Hall is a center of the city.

Name of the street on which we walk


another street

The girls liked the name

Classic and modern.

Modern "ate" the classics. This is not reflected. Behind the glass is really the house.

Park side.


Our girls are stuck ...

Just district

Far away we went, because Poznan meeting was scheduled only NG, and the next morning had to go to Zakopane - the national mountain ski resort at the foot of the Tatra Mountains.

But on the day we arrived ...

So begins an unplanned part of our tour.

We have not reached because of the machine. 80 miles to Krakow "flew" gimbal.


It happened at a speed somewhere km 60. At first it was a constant audible crunching under the floor, which decreases with decreasing speed.

Then completely cotton, machine itself pressed me to the seat belts and included emergency gang. It is also possible to slow start, but I'm not sure for himself pressed on the brake. The guys from Mercedes respect and uvazhuha. Honestly - bricks were.



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