The number of charging stations for electric cars in Japan already more than the number of filling stations

Japan is the most amazing country in the world. It is the Japanese manages to harmoniously combine modern technology with ancient culture and traditions. In the first half of the last century Japan was a backward feudal state. Today, most high-tech novelties appears in Japan.

Recently, the number of charging stations for electric cars in the country exceeded the number of stations. The company Nissan Motor Co. report that the number of charging stations is 40 thousand, and the gas station -34 thousands.

As you can see, it took quite some time, and electric cars — not surprising novelty, and most conventional vehicles. Perhaps very soon on the world's roads electric vehicles will also become more than vehicles with internal combustion engines.

A large number of charging stations does not mean that electric cars have become a lot. In fact, it is a necessity, since most modern electric cars can drive on a single charge no more than 200 km from The same Nissan Leaf passes a maximum of 140 kilometers, and there is a high probability of getting stuck between home and work. And the more such stations will appear, the more popular will become electric vehicles.

The positive aspect is that the company finally agreed among themselves to do electroless universal, many stations can connect cars of different brands. Not so long ago, BMW AG, Volkswagen AG and Tesla Motors have joined forces to implement this task.

The American company Great Plains Energy Inc. announced plans to build 1000 charging stations in U.S. for EVS this year. Moreover, charging will be free for all until 2017.

Perhaps, in other countries the number of charging stations for electric cars will soon exceed the number of stations. But while the norm was the fact that Japan is ahead of the rest. published



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