In Japan, electric filling stations became more than a petrol filling station

Japan - one of the first countries in the world, which started to be widely used cars on alternative fuels, and can now serve as an example, how fast is possible to build an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, says the publication Transport Evolved

. Looking at the map of Japan, charging stations, you can see a lot of fast charging stations CHAdeMO DC, covering every important route from north to south and from east to west. This was made possible in part thanks to government initiatives in support of electric cars, in part due to national, rather than regional approach to infrastructure development of charging stations.

At the beginning of 2015, Japan had more than 2819 stations charging CHAdeMO DC fast across the country, while in Europe the figure is only 1 532 stations, and in the US alone - 854. According to Nissan's all rising in the country sun has about 40,000 charging stations for electric vehicles of various types, while the petrol filling stations of about 34, 000 units.

Also recently in Japan gaining popularity sites like, where people take advantage of their offer private charging stations for electric vehicles, one of altruism, for some it's a lucrative business.

But despite the fact that the electric charging stations in Japan are now more common than gasoline, the number of electric vehicles on the roads is still a small percentage of all vehicles registered in the country. Therefore elektrozapravok network has yet to significantly grow and evolve as pour in gasoline or diesel tank is still much faster than the cars refuel at the station even fast charging CHAdeMO DC.

In addition to electric cars is growing in popularity in Japan, are gaining cars on hydrogen engine. The country is investing heavily in fuel cell technology and infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations in the framework of the national program to promote the "hydrogen society". As planned by the government, fuel with zero emissions in the future will be able to carry more and more feature - in addition to electric vehicles with fuel cells, it can also nurture and houses.


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