Features of the updated version of the game «Minecraft»

Popularity game «Minecraft» is growing day by day. This is evidenced by huge number registered in the Global Network of players who spend most of their free time in front of a PC monitor, engaged in construction of objects of different blocks.

Minecraft Pocket Edition - is an updated version of the game, which is supported by the android platform. The application is a building simulator in which gamers need to build a whole city. Buildings in the game must be submitted to the various architectural ensembles and different from one another, so inveterate players erected true masterpieces, impressive for its huge size and fantastic shape.

Fans version Pocket Edition 0.12.0 incredible amount of available building blocks, differing not only in appearance but also quality. For example, the weight of the wooden block is less than the weight of the stone analog blocks and sand can sink in water. That is why, building a virtual city, a gamer must choose the right materials used during operation. version 0.12.0 user to the distinctive features of version Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0, which presents a user friendly interface, precise graphics, rich colors and music.

It deserves special attention and the control of the game. In this case, the operation of the application is provided with three keys. Clicking on the button «Start Game», you run the application and start building your own virtual city. «Join Game» is a multiplayer game. In the «Options» gamer chooses the basic settings provided sound design, sharpness, brightness and contrast.

Brevity and ease of management is the key to the popularity of applications among the youngest gamers.

In general, the menu android versions does not differ from its counterpart used in the PC. Gamer likewise falls into a magical world where encounters with mobs. A significant drawback of Minecraft Pocket Edition - limited space and poor lighting. However, in this case, much depends on the characteristics and capabilities of the gadget.

Version 0.12.02 is optimized so the player can choose a weapon to fight with the skeletons, zombies and spiders, releasing their possessions from evil.


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