Marcus «Notch» Persson using Twitter sold its stake in Minecraft

In recent days, в Some media actively replicated information that the "joke" tweet Markus Persson, the founder of Minecraft, helped him to sell his stake in the company for $ 2.5 billion. Particular attention is paid to the fact that the tweet was just "comic" that a more A detailed analysis of the situation is not so.

Anyone want to buy my share of Mojang so I can move on with my life? Getting hate for trying to do the right thing is not my gig.- Markus Persson (notch) 17 June 2014 blockquote>
According to the most Persson, literally within minutes he received a call from Microsoft's offer to buy its stake in the company-developer of the cult of the project. Interest in its share expressed as Blizzard and EA, but the battle for the right to possess the Giants won Minecraft Microsoft. It should be noted, for the same records in Twitter, that this decision was not easy to Marcus. Work for Microsoft Marcus refused and after the transition of his company under the control of the buyer, he left his post.

I left the mojang office for the last time, and did not properly say bye because everything is strange.- Markus Persson (notch) 5 November 2014 blockquote>

I do not even know what a fitting bye is. So I just left like it's a normal day, with normal things happening.- Markus Persson (notch) November 5, 2014 < / blockquote> Giants previously expressed interest in the company Persson, but the latter responded to their suggestions firm "No, thank you." Buying Minecraft by Microsoft is quite logical, since the main audience is in their eco-system on OS Windows and XBox. The main reason for the company's sales in the words of Marcus is that fame began to put pressure on him, and the responsibility for the future of Minecraft oppressed. Persson was not looking billion, he just did what he liked, to a certain point.

According to the most Persson, he is not the most sociable person, and his whole life is connected with computer games, especially after moving his family to Stockholm. The book «Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus" Notch "Persson» mother Persson, Ritva, recalls that her son pretended abdominal pain that does not go to school as long as possible and sit at the computer. A detailed history of Notch and sales development company Minecraft can be read in Forbes article about it, этой and этой.

After retiring from the project, which changed the gaming industry and showed the participants of the war for the "schedule" that the gameplay is more important Persson work in the gaming industry is no longer planning. He bought one of the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills for $ 70 million and took that loves the most - he kodit and plays video games.



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