7 reasons why real men do not betray NEVER

Good reasons why a real man will never betray the one he truly loves

So many men and so few real men.

I was annoyed by the kid who go out of myself and pretending men. In fact, because of them I have recently lost of potential relations. These "false muzhchinki" managed to "light up" in front of women, deceive them, to betray and kill them faith in the powers that be. You're not so many women who can still trust men.

I've never acted dishonestly with women. Even I had such a desire I had. But, unfortunately, I have met very few women who have believed in me in this life. I'm sure I'm not the only man who has faced a similar problem in his life.

I believe that a lot of good guys have to bear the burden "of betrayal and faith in a loved one," which they have charged their ex-boyfriend darling. When a man betrayed woman, she will never be able to trust him again. Never - it is not exaggerated notion, it is a real "never." Unfortunately, it will also affect the next chosen this woman.

Betrayed by a woman can not move for a long time. It is then for many years will not be able to trust men. This man is not never betrays. That is the reason why he does not do:

1. This man is emotionally stable
We all know that women have problems controlling their emotions. Honestly, sometimes even worse than men. While women 'emotsioniruyut "and let off steam, the men" cooked "in their own minds.

But all of this is happening while the patience of men do not fill up, and it will not explode. When something goes wrong in a relationship, women can boldly shout, cry, complain, blame, angry, take silence or starve. But other men! Weak men pretend that they care about what is happening around.

But when their patience is full, they are looking for funds to splash their emotions. They start drinking, smoking, Tr @ uate everything that moves. And, unfortunately, such a period of silent war with his favorite woman, it leads to the fact that he begins to sleep with everyone.

The real man acts with their emotions in another way, a more restrained.

2. real man enough willpower to keep "his farm" in pants
Excuse me, gentlemen, that I voiced it out loud, but if you're a man, you're naturally going to sleep with any beauty who meet on the way. I'm talking about bachelors.

If you're a real man, you're not going to take risks for the sake of stable relations a few minutes of fun with an unfamiliar woman with whom you have a certain chemistry and nothing else. If you want to sleep with someone, why I do not do this with a woman who loves you ?!

3. Real men do not meet with those whom they do not like or do not believe that one can fall in love
Of course, we all have met with those who were not in love. I generally have little faith in love at first sight, but the cases are different. However, a large number of boys still meet women just for the sake of convenience.

Why go out and look for someone when there is one that she can always come ?! These men realize that women - are not toys and are not perceived simply as a way to meet their needs.

When men know that they can not fall in love with this woman, they break relations, but do not pull them in the hope that it will be their second choice.

4. This man always respectful
People trust when they see the respect in the party. That respect is mandatory aspect of communication especially in relation to the woman with whom you meet. Betrayal - it is a lie. It kills the credibility and shows that you do not consider the feelings of your partner, a friend and a person who is close to you next have a period of time.

The change is nothing decent, with close people do not do that. If a woman stops you believe it finally and irrevocably. I came to this conclusion after passing a long and difficult path of its own mistakes.

5. A real man does not keep a list of its partners. He did not need to feel and understand the real man himself
A real man knows that he is a man. It is felt in every movement, actions. And he does not do anything special for that. He did not need to flaunt. All this is reflected in its actions.

So many men in modern society believe that the greater the number of partners they had, the better they like men. Women like a game for them, as a kind of product that you want to collect.

Women - are not toys! A game that we all play called "life." Betrayal is sometimes too expensive, and with high stakes, you can even destroy their lives.

6. This man never hurt the woman he loves
I'll be honest with you, a real man would not hurt any of the women. A real man to take care of themselves and all those who are near and dear to him.

If you already meet the lucky woman you really love, and you have not managed to lose it, then do everything possible and impossible, that she was smiling. There is nothing more terrible to lose someone you love so much. Mistake, but there is such a thing as forgiveness.

7. This man always knows what's really important in life - and it is certainly not a casual relationship
Men are too busy with the realization of their dreams. They have all the time to achieve what they want from life. At the same time they are objectively aware of exactly what they want from life.

As men, we want all the best from the world and people around us. And only when we get what we want, comes the realization that in fact were not chosen the best way to achieve their goal. I mean, that really cool when you woman, but love. Here, the number does not matter, the main quality.

Being next to a woman who loves and accepts you with all your shortcomings - that's what really matters. Everything else you do not want to even remember.

Behave like a man, and do not act like a coward.



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