35 OF THE COUNCIL of women from 100 years of experience LIFE

Wise advice from a woman who managed to look at things through a priceless 100-year-old experience

If you are offended or you possessed hatred, leave it. Under no circumstances do not cause pain to others.
Never stop loving and believing in love.
Everything is always for the better. God is good and can do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.
Everything in life depends on you alone.
A time to laugh and a time to weep.
Travel while you're young, full of energy and opportunities. Do not worry about money. Remember, experience is far more valuable than money.
We always have available tomorrow.
Do not compare! You will never be in awe of his own life. Behind the fence grass always seems greener.
If you do not want to build a relationship someone, do not do it. You have nothing to anyone obliged.
Every day, do something about what you have long dreamed of.
The only constant thing in naschem the world - is that everything around me. Try to understand and accept this truth.
I do not regret the error.
Do not be a miser.
Just worry about what will be important for you eventually.
Be honest with yourself and others.
Relationships with other people - the most important part of our lives, especially if you have to live with this person in a marriage for life.
Find what you really like and doing it.
You should not even try to understand everything around.
Everything is always, sooner or later it ceases to their seats.
It is said that you can not choose the parents. Lies!
Get pleasure from their work.
Do not take any vitamins. Get them naturally, directly from nature.
Physical activity. Just go for a walk, that's all. This is very important.
One day you will realize that all your life you did something that really upset about unimportant things.
Our life - a mosaic. It consists of little things that make up the essence of its important.
Do not take life too seriously.
Remember, love does not break hearts. Otherwise it is not love!
You did not have time to look around, life will pass you.
Many things really are not what they seem to us.
Learn to adapt. A person can go through a lot.
Thank parents for everything they've done for you.
Take time to mourn the fact that he had lost.
Establishments pet. At times, you might be lonely. Pets will always remind you that we are all living beings. I think they have a soul. Some of my favorites were my best friends for many years.
I assure you that you have to belong or not to belong to any religion, but you're bound to find what you believe in, and live in accordance with their beliefs.
Living a life well! Share these valuable and wise counsel with their friends and family.

Brianna Wiest


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