Manchineel - the most dangerous tree in the world

One slice of the fruit it can send you to reanimatsiyu

Manchineel or mantsinella grows in the western hemisphere (Florida, the Caribbean and the Bahamas), it is known as the most poisonous tree in the world. Around him are often tied red ribbon - a sign of passers-by did not come close.

It is best to keep at least a couple of meters from the tree. Fruits mantsinelly Ranetki similar to, but such "Ranetki" will send you straight to the emergency room. No less toxic and corrosive and is a milky white sap mantsinelly - one drop leaves blisters on the skin, dermatitis, edema or burns.

The bark is also poisonous - if you podozhzhёte tree, the branches go from the acrid smoke, because that can cause blindness. Due to the above, mantsinella currently included in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the most dangerous tree in the world.

According to legend, the poison of the tree died Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León. He returned to Florida in 1521, the year in search of gold and claim ownership of areas that supposedly opened. Of course, the locals so easy to give him their lands were not going to, and during the battle in the leg de Leon got soaked mantsinelly poison arrow, which led him to a painful and long death.

Nicole Strickland Consultant Radiology, published in the "British Medical Journal" article about how one ate fruits mantsinelly. During a holiday in the Caribbean island of Tobago, she noticed among lying on beach sand mangoes and coconuts little green fruit - they were round, the size of a tangerine, and probably fell from a large tree with silver barrel and oval leaves.

She took a piece of the fruit and found it nice sweet, so did her friend. After a few moments, both noticed a strange poignancy in the mouth, gradually grew into a burning, watery eyes and throat blockage. For the next two hours the state of young people has worsened, and they could not swallow a bite of the excruciating pain in my throat. The only thing that somehow alleviates pain - milk. It was only after eight hours all the pain gradually began to subside.



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