Top 10 most dangerous plant-killers (11 photos)

The word "murderer" and "plant", seemingly one another is divorced. However, there are representatives from the world of flora, really worthy of nightmares:

10. Cape sundew

One of the few carnivorous plants is drosera capensis. However, compared with the same Venus flytrap, which closes to trap a victim inside, drosera capensis kills, allowing the victim to fully enjoy the fleeting freedom. Nice little pink flowers with a wonderful aroma of sacrifice attract and catch it as octopus tentacles. Catching insect edge of the sheet is slowly phased out, and the victim begins to be digested by staying outdoors. Is not it enough for the bloodthirsty plant?

9. manchineel or Mantsinella

Mantsinella is one of the most dangerous plants in the world, and even entered in the Guinness Book of Records. This tree - one of the worst killers flora. Of course, very easy to believe that a tree can kill. "What is interesting, way? - You ask. - Even if you sit down and read a book under it? "We would not advise even to hide from the rain under mantsinelloy. Drops fall from the tree you have a poisonous milky sap, which is steeped through and through. Standing beneath it, you risk blistered from head to toe. The fruit are also poisonous.

8. ficus or fig tree

It would seem that the danger may be ordinary ficus - except that the pot will fall from the balcony right on the head. But not so simple. OS fig tree - a real nightmare. The fact that some of the wasps pollinating insects and if the insect pollinating Ficus stop, then very soon it will cover "fikusovy 'anger. Interestingly, you ask how it can avenge Ficus wasp? Answer: anger fall on her offspring. If a wasp, build a nest on the side of the fruit, stop pollinating Ficus tree will throw the fruit, thus destroying the offspring.

7. Puya chilensis or Ovtseed

In fact, the Chilean Pouilly has another name - "ovtseed." In itself, the plant, of course, do not eat sheep, but traps, firing in the wool of sheep passing by their spines, resulting in poor immobilized sheep die of starvation. Feast of the plant occurs when the body begins to decompose. Now ask yourself: "What is worse, a predator that kills and eats immediately is the victim or seedlings?

6. Euphorbia Resinifera

At first glance it is not clear what could be dangerous this tiny Moroccan cactus. Needles? No, the danger lurks just did not outside, but inside. If a drop of cactus juice gets into the language of man, the last and the only thought in his head would be "rather let the water".

And all because, cactus juice contains resiniferatoxin. That he is the crazy burning feeling in the mouth. It should be noted, steeper every pepper on earth. Do not believe? For comparison, a standard pepper spray contains somewhere in the 1, 5 million units on a scale Scoville pungency, very hot pepper on the ground Morug Trinidad Scorpion - 2 million units. But ... resiniferatoxin. 16 billion. In other words, this tiny cactus dangerous as 10,000 cans of pepper spray.

5. Abrus prayer

Probably about Abrus prayer you have never in my life and never heard. This plant with small bright red berries are often used in jewelry and instrument making. However, these lovely berries and fraught with danger. The berries contain a toxin is hundreds of times more powerful than ricin. After eating one single berry, you could sign his own death warrant. But things are much better, swallowed whole berries are not dangerous, as enclosed in a very hard rind, which our body can not digest.

4. Cerberus or wood suicide

Cerberus is no accident called the suicide tree. It is not hard to guess that the tree had to appeal to people who decide to commit suicide. A unique feature of the fruits of Cerberus is that their flavor is easier to disguise the usual spices. Prepared, for example, curry - something Indian tree, you can easily move to another world. By the way, none of the living, for obvious reasons, does not know what the taste of this wonderful fruit. But the fact that it was chosen not only suicide, but hateful to each other spouse.

3. ongaonga

According to its damaging effects ongaonga plant resembles a cross between nettles and stun, but the "charge" of the plant many times more powerful. They say a man to his little touches, a minute will lie paralyzed and dream of death. Ongaonga grows up to 3 meters in height and forms a completely impenetrable thicket. Mother Nature, apparently, was not enough sharks and tigers, and she created ongaonga.

2. Darlington California or Cobra Lily-

If you are naive to believe that the person last link in the food chain, you're wrong. Let me remind you, it is dominant in the chain of being, which can feed themselves and reproduce their own kind with a minimum of effort. That's why man invented fast food and Viagra. And as we would not like to think that homo sapiens - the best hunter on the ground, unfortunately, this is not so.

The best hunter is precisely Darlington. In addition to man, to satisfy his hunger, it is necessary to do everything myself: cook, chew, etc. While flying to Darlington food itself, of their own volition. Often it is called lily-cobra. Compare cobra she deserved because of the petal-trap in the form and colors of the snake-like hood. Agree, more than a flattering compliment, considering that some of cobra bite the bullet considered dangerous.

1. Gura Krepitans or sandbox tree

And the first place is occupied by a tropical plant with the Latin name "gur krepitans" or sandbox tree. Although it would be more appropriate to call it a tree - a grenade. His fruits are bursting with such force that the seeds shoot at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour - is much more than the speed limit in the city. Yes Yes. The seeds of this tree are found in hundreds of meters away from the tree.


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