10 paradises for the weary city dweller. That is worth moving from the big city!

In recent years, more and more people are disappointed in the big cities. The dirt, smog, noise, endless crowds of people on the streets at any time of the day and night, along with the high prices make the metropolis is not the most attractive place to live. Whoever refused to personal apartment with views of the mountains or the tropical forest, the fresh air and the beach in five minutes walk from the house? With the development of the Internet has become a reality the dream of many. A man who earns his living in the network, can do it from anywhere in the world - it would be a compound of a stable! The following ten places - a real Mecca for the fugitive from the big city. Beautiful, comfortable and relatively cheap!

1. Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

The city is relatively small - only 70,000 inhabitants! At one time it was an important trade center, and here shlestyvayutsya interests, and often forces many states. The number of historic buildings here can not be counted on only one of the ancient church can wander all day long. Special mention deserves and nature. There is no worse than in France, I swear! Among the shortcomings - poorly developed urban infrastructure.

2. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The town that seemed straight from a European storybook. Paved roadways, luxurious castle, Gothic churches - there is something to see. Still, no wonder the city center under the protection of UNESCO, is taken as an object of cultural heritage. Lovers of outdoor activities here, too, there is the matter - the Vltava River, which flows through the town, you can practice all kinds of water sports. The main drawback of this town for us - the need for at least some way to know Czech.

3. Beaches CCAY Albania

An excellent climate, gorgeous beaches, delicious seafood and cheap wine - what more could you ask for? Beaches CCAY, and indeed the entire south Albania - a great choice for a man who dreams of a quiet life. And you do not want calm - at your service sea, waves and water rides! Unfortunately, the number of tourists is increasing day by day, so if you want to catch - hurry!

4. Guanajuato, Mexico

This city - the capital of the Mexican state of the same name, so that in terms of infrastructure, there is nothing to complain about. Several dissonant from our point of view, with the name of the local Aboriginal language means "hilly place of frogs." Once there was mined silver and gold. For rented apartment here you will be prompted with no more than 200 dollars a month - minuscule by the standards of any metropolis!

5. Pearl Islands, Panama

At the time of the Bay of Islands have been a haven for pirates and other adventurers. All of them attracted the incredible wealth of the island, after being taken out of here and now of excellent quality pearls, as well as a huge number of bays and secluded villages where no problem was to hide from the authorities. Those who watched the reality show "Survivor," already have some idea of ​​the local beauties, because the shooting took place in Panama, some of its seasons. Today, the archipelago attracts many tourists every year and is home to several celebrities, but, despite this, a cabin here will cost you only 300 dollars a month.

6. Las Trankas, Chile

Do not draw the tropics? I want to enjoy the year-round freezing fresh air and proud silhouettes of the mountains outside the window? In this case, Las Trankas - your choice! $ 300 - and a house at the foot of the stone giant will be yours for a month. Skiing almost every day! The main drawback of this area - a permanent winter. However, it will also be for some of us, and its main advantage.

7. Agonda, India

Quiet village Agonda is located in the southern coast of Goa. There is much less tourists than in other parts of the state, and prices, respectively, will be much lower. The hut by the sea will cost the latter-day hermit $ 120 per month. Quiet, calm, and no loud vacationers! But a lot of opportunities for someone who wants to how to do yoga.

8. Beach Ho Coc, Vietnam

Tropical forests, rich wildlife Sea and the lack of tourists - this is what awaits the person who decided to settle in the area. Due to huge barrier reef is the beach is probably the best place for spearfishing in Asia. The house here will cost you 150-200 dollars per month. Problems? The language barrier, of course. However, this is probably a common problem for almost all the places described in the sketch.

9. Ko-Ton Sai, Cambodia

This island - ideal for the person who decided to completely abandon the earthly problems and leave the old life behind. Locals here are very few, and the beauty of the unspoilt beaches and lush jungle will not leave anyone indifferent. However, wanting to stay here for a long time, be prepared, and the problems, because wild beach - is, among other things, unsafe beach. Relocated at your own risk.

10. Avarua, Cook Islands

City Avarua - capital of Cook Islands, an independent state entity located with New Zealand in free association. Locals are not spoiled by the attention of tourists, of which there is almost 100,000 a year. For such a heavenly place - very small! The beaches here are beautiful not yield to the Seychelles, and a house can be rented for a ridiculous amount of 120-130 dollars. However, the lodge's not so easy. To do this, you have to live here for a certain time, and then another, and get permission from the authorities.

Unfortunately, the collection can not include all the cities and villages of the island, which can find a shelter person who wants a break from civilization. The full list of them would not fit in the pot-bellied directory. Nevertheless, I hope that this article will give you the inspiration to find their own personal paradise on Earth! Share it with a friend, that he also will think about it!

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