What do the red birthmark on the skin

Surely you have noticed, too, in his body red dots like moles. As a rule, they are small in size and the color purple (sometimes a little lighter), often appear in the neck, chest and back. But because of what they arise? whether they are dangerous, and should we follow them? These and other issues related to red moles, we have devoted today's article.

Small red spots that suddenly appear on our body, make us afraid and anxious. They do not hurt, but do not look very aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, we are constantly asking ourselves, which is why they appeared so suddenly? Perhaps the reason lies in our diet? Or is it a symptom of any disease? To reassure you, once the reservation that it is not so serious, although yes, any changes that occur with the skin, should be monitored. But let's look in more detail.

For some reason, the body appear red birthmark?

Some consider their moles are very attractive. However, in most cases, they are skin discoloration, which was to be watched. The scientific name of the red spots, of which we speak today, red or angioma nevus. As a rule, there are people with fair skin or in middle age.

As we mentioned earlier, they do not pose a health risk, but if they occur frequently and in large numbers, it is a chance to see a doctor, because, no doubt, this is a signal that some changes are taking place in our body. Typically, experts in the field associated with the appearance of red birthmarks with problems with the liver, to be more precise, it is not quite correct to her work.

They can also appear due to improper diet, when in the intestine and the liver accumulate a lot of toxins.

Their appearance is triggered by abnormal growth of blood vessels.

red moles size is in the range 1 to 4 mm. They can be located in the armpits, genitals, heels, chest, back, arms, legs ...

Red spots on the face, hands and other body openings that are rarely found under clothes, can appear due to excessive sun exposure. It should be more careful.

Pay attention to the edge of moles and their texture. If they are uneven, rough, and at a rate greater than 6 mm, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

Take a closer look and the youngest inhabitants of your family, in children with very fair skin may also appear as red dots on the body. Therefore, you should regularly inspect their children to keep the situation under control.

Very often, the appearance of these moles is hereditary.

Another reason for their appearance on the body may be minor hormonal changes in women.

Finally, they may appear trite with age.


If you found on his body red birthmark, most importantly, do not be afraid, because nothing serious happened and no treatment need not be applied. You will need to do the following:

If moles appear in large numbers in the chest area, see your doctor. One or two are not particularly important, but the sudden appearance of a larger number of signal can be available to health problems.

Check what form have your moles, symmetrical or asymmetrical them. If the second - seek medical advice

. Pay attention to their hue. If it is red, there is no problem, but if they gradually darken and each time becoming more and more dark, you should notify your doctor.

Treatment and Prevention

Experts say that in order to prevent red moles on the body, you should regularly clean the intestines and strengthen the liver.

Try to drink at least two liters of water a day.

Try to eat more fresh fruits and drink natural juices. Very useful in this regard will be carrots, artichokes and celery.

Algae Spirulina, for example, perfectly absorb the accumulated toxins in the gut.

Include in your diet olive oil and avocados.

Start your morning with a cup of lemon juice.

On the day, try to drink at least two glasses of juice (preferably cranberry, pineapple, pomegranate ...).

Avoid consumption of dairy products (you can replace them with vegetable milk).

Once a day, take an infusion of dandelion is an excellent cleanser for the body.

To avoid the appearance of red birthmarks, ideally, in addition to what you need to stick to a balanced diet, you should still izaschitit themselves from the negative effects of sunlight. Because sunscreen can completely prevent the appearance of moles on the face and in the neck. In general, try to always maintain your skin well hydrated, consume sufficient amounts of vitamin C, and avoid sun exposure from 12 to 16.

Generally, red birthmarks, once appeared on the body, do not disappear on their own. If you are very much in the way, you can resort to natural remedies to get rid of them, for example, every day to do the dressing with onion juice for as long as the mole disappear. Another option - to put a tablet of vitamin C (also regular). But be that as it may, it is always better to prevent the appearance of red birthmarks, adhering to a balanced diet, which will not allow to accumulate a lot of toxins and harmful substances in the body. And then your skin will thank you!


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