Breakthrough in data transfer. The speed of fiber can increase 1000 times

Not to say that current Internet speed is low. But, given the dynamics of the adding network users and increasing the amount of traffic increases due to development of digital technology, it is possible to tell that the problem is bandwidth modern conductors — not far off. One of the fastest wired data transmission technologies — signal over fiber or laser USB cable gives you the ability to accelerate to 5 GB/s and it will soon be not enough for large computing centers.

British researchers from the University of Southampton, modernized and brought to the operating state of the technology of hollow fiber optic cables. If in the conventional optical fiber conductor is glass or plastic, which inhibit and eventually lose signals, in their new development the signal is transmitted through the air in which the speed of electric signals is almost similar to the speed of light in vacuum, and it is close to 300 000 km/s.

During signal transmission in a hollow conductor will be able to achieve data transfer rate of 10 TB/s. Imagine it is difficult, but in human terms, it's 1000 DVD's, this amount of data you can transfer per second, which is approximately 1000 times higher than previous results.

No guarantees, scientists do not and will test the performance of aerial fiber in large data centers and supercomputers.

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