New record speed data transmission over a single fiber - 255 terabits per second

Just a few months the scientists were able to update the record twice the data rate over a single fiber. In July, the Danish Technical University were able to convey 43 terabits per second , and on October 26 a joint team of the Technical University of Eindhoven and the University of Central Florida published an article the description of the experiment, during which the rate of удалось bring to 255 terabits / sec . This figure is comparable to the peak traffic around the internet in general.

And in the first and in the second case used mnogoserdtsevinnoe (multi-core) fiber. Externally, it differs little from conventional fibers, but inside it is not one but several cores, each of which light propagates independently. In both experiments we used a fiber with seven cores - one in the center and six around it.

Mnogoserdtsevinnoe fiber sectional i>

The photograph seven fiber core surrounded by black dots - is an air layer, which helps to isolate the core from each other. Furthermore, the core in the last experiment were neskolkomodovymi (few-mode) - their diameter was slightly larger than the standard single-mode fibers 5-10 microns, but considerably less 50-60 micron multimode fiber. This will further "condense" the signal, while maintaining a moderate dispersion.

The length of the fibers used in the experiment was 1 kilometer, ie, it is not purely a laboratory experiment with a short piece of cable. If a single-mode fiber 1 km - a little something for multimode is very respectable length, especially given the tremendous speed.



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