The perception of time.

We do not touch upon the time that the clock says. For each one of us as the hours fly, the other as a flash moment. This is because we are comparing the time measured by the clock with their time. For each of us, time flows differently, as if someone is found inside the timepiece, and we aim to compare his time with another time, using a common intermediary time. And each time was surprised to note the amazing effects of differences, but not directly, but through an intermediary.

Compare directly opened to us many new points of observation, no less real than the one that we use. Hence and to monitor their perception of time, we can find other guidelines, prisoners in our vnutrivremennosti. That is about what we perceive in an instant, and the fact that we consider one moment.

Think of some fragment of his childhood, and then remember the earlier segment. It's easy to get, right? His recollection we stepped against the flow of time in which these events occur. It says that everything that we can remember is right now at a time.

If we want to remember the sequence of events occurs, the first thing we have to grab all the memory unity of views. This unity is the place that fits the time the object is there and all the whole in all its temporal extension.

All temporary facilities are conceived in the same contemplation, as if out of time with respect to themselves. This gives us an important time to study the side of consciousness - we are able to take the time not only as a process, but also as a temporal object.

Human life, or life force (as you prefer to perceive) - not only the process, it is also a temporary object, and to grab her a single glance, it is necessary to unite all the phenomena of our processes on a single platform.

First of all, three horizons - accomplished, accomplished and unmanifested. The unmanifested there is a secret door in the "nothing" that is the purpose of the study.

Time is conveniently represented in the form of a river. Imagine yourself in the river. All part of the river, grasped the point at which the eyes are directed - have accomplished. Through the visible, we accomplished, water flows, helping us to perceive this point as an object.

If we put in a paper boat their attention and let him go to a place where the eyes are directed, do not forget to leave your eyes in the same position, he would surrender to the flow, bear our attention to that part of the river, which went out of view. Gradually attention out of sight altogether, continuing to surf the vast expanses of the ocean of what happened.

As we left Accomplished as a memory. But in reality Accomplished not what remains in our memory.

That part of the river, which had not yet got to the point of view - the unmanifested. It slowly creeps up to the meeting place with the eyes, to please us the news that the end is not yet.

This is the area that would be a good idea to understand how objects. The farther away from the focus point of view, the more blurred perception. What is the flow that against the tide, in the direction of the flow.

The same model of the river is suitable for submission to our lives. Only that part of us that was before conception, and part of that will be after our death, is not subject to argument. When we were there we still had no reason. It is for us as the sea, from which it follows, in which the river flows into our lives.

Here we must not get carried away by the course and remember that we are seeing temporary objects. This means that unmanifested never manifest, always remaining unmanifested and accomplished will not be accomplished, as is the moment of death to the ability to think about it.

Always planning ahead, one thinks about it, as a ready-to-eat meals as if someone has prepared and waiting when we begin to eat. And it is as different from our plans, as, say, the memory of a person different from him.

The future as raw billet, which is undergoing a giant conveyor unmanifested, falls in manifesting in the form of ready-to-perception. The future therefore is called the future that has not yet manifested itself. Think of it as a manifestation would be a mistake.

These three horizons - three different character contemplation time. Three places in which we can observe over time. We are vaguely aware of being accomplished, even more vaguely about unmanifested. Most open our memory to have happened.

The root of the word "reality" literally means touch. Reality - that is what concerns us. Something outside reaching out for us, and we respond to it. It's not just touch, this touch lasts continuously. For example, the starry sky, to which I look, contact me and it is continuous, even if I am turned away.

My perception of the sky, in contrast to the contact - on the contrary discretely. Continuity - the concept of discharge of knowledge on infinity, then it falls from a linear understanding of time display. Continuity means that the past is the future and the present constitute a continuous unity. That is what concerns us, concerns now.

This means that everything that happened to us in life is now. And even more amazing discovery - everything that will happen to us, too, is already there, but not acquired the character of finality.

This is the magic of what is happening to us in the completion of the transformation, and have an amazing ability to perceive, donated our time substantially.

The first act of completion - this is a moment of birth, the point at which each of us started for himself. This point is like a magnet accumulates around a memory - a particle of time. The first act of completion is also continuous, and there is now, as the foundation of our ability to perceive.

This is the hook, which clings to our minds the reality. Right now, through all of us, continuously flowing time. The continuity of the first act of completion, together with the continuity of the act and create a complete reflection of our border, which is in the works of Castaneda - the assemblage point.

The main thing is not to get confused. The conversation is about an unusual perception. From this position, the whole world is constantly changing in a completely unpredictable way. This is one of our unique ability to perceive the world not as a space and as a time. In this sense, difficult to represent the assemblage point, as a spatial object or field. Paul, we also tend to think spatially.

Let's dive into the observation time to the difficult explicable features of our being more clearly manifested in our consciousness.

Think about the idea - "everything is relative", especially as it concerns our ability to learn. How do we know that time is running?

This question tormented sages for centuries. And the answer is simple, like all brilliant. We simply compare the present moment with the previous. In order to have something to compare, we need the ability to remember the previous time. Previous compared to that which came before it, and so on, until we reach the first moment of our existence.

Every moment is the backdrop to the next. And all of these comparisons are present in the moment, where we are now. All of them are strung like beads on a thread of unbroken sequence.

It is a scene in the theater of the time, where the main protagonist is the present moment, when the next actor, the first turns into a scene. The actors are very well hidden. After all, every moment, reveals "something" that we never see. We use a comparison of a "something" with another "something».

In order to highlight any point of comparison, we need to break the continuity of the memory filling. For us all the time that something is happening, without any discrete. It is an absolute flow of fact, if we pay attention to it, pushes us from the world of ideas, but does not preclude the ability of perception. We need the gap between past and future. Break and turns surrounding the world of things for us to building a boundary between objects and processes.

Here and there is a crossroads. Either we give in to pressure of time, and draws its current momentum. Leaving a meeting place with reality, we dive into yourself, into the depths of his memory, and, carried away by the ability to compare objects with the objects and processes with the processes, divide the world into past and future.

This is similar to the process of adjustment in the field telescope through which we see the world. Set it to the specified object, we no longer configure it. And in order to see the other object, we move themselves to a distance to the object that would see him in a familiar already configured field. Of course it is not very rational.

Or, resisting the pressure of time, approaching the gates of the unknown, which may be called the primary impression, watching the melting of certain objects, bringing us to the children's surprise. As if trying to constantly turn the knob telescope.

In the first case, we continue to share, comparing and identifying with the experience of the past. To find an object, it is necessary that there were many sensations in the recesses of memory, like the feeling of the object to which attention is now directed.

At first this vague and blurred likeness. How to view the newborn baby. Then, during the endless comparisons of this and similar experiences in memory, the object begins to stand out. Memory accumulating material for accumulating comparison therewith. As a result of multiple overlays organized a stable version of the division, is uniquely present in all these moments memory. Now the world is for us divided into past and future, create an instant "Now».

This option is already stored in the memory as a unity. Each subsequent view of the object, adds the ability to compare, and fixes for simultaneous connectivity.

Everything else that falls from the similarity, discarded, becoming in the process. Organized clear boundaries. It appears the image of what directed our attention. This image exists in us outside of time as an intention aimed integrity. As unchanging constancy of sensations in time. From these comparisons, it builds the objective world that we perceive by the senses, and justifiably call it a reality.

Right now looking at a cup of tea, I do not consider the mug, but something that think like a mug. I respond to this "something" is identical in all my reactions have my Eidos, my thought - mug.

Each new selection is displayed momentarily force coming from the outside. As light safety fuse, once someone set fire. This power makes us a sense of the reaction, indicating to us that us that something has happened. Then, a new variation of the primary impressions sends our attention to this same set our minds, building another the same way. So organized the frequency of our perception. This new change is not just adds memory. It serves as a building material for accuracy comparisons. So the position of organized attention, distant from reality, and even the process of reflection of reality creation time. That is, from the perception of time.

Please note, the objective world, the world of conceivable - it is only a pointer to the fact that with us, something happened. A pointer to a comparison with the experience of coming moments comparisons. And all the result of the comparison does not go beyond first impressions. So we did not take - it is within us. In a reflection in a distorted mirror.

In the second case, we have the ability to perceive the continuity of not dividing the world into pieces. At the same time, we lose the ability to talk about it.

After all, what we perceive now as the process does not become another subject, no matter how hardened. It glides. It appears to us as an ever-changing feeling. And the ability to perceive this feeling all the sensations at the same time in memory - have the ability to intuition, allowing us to observe the time.

Melt the boundaries of the objective world. It fades away close, large small, light heavy. The world is transformed into an infinity of successive flows, which is the only constancy of change. Abstract world of golf becomes perceived to be much closer to reality.
(excerpt Journal Ezotera)


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