Tips for success!

1) surrounds himself with only those people who will pull you up. Just life is full of those who want to pull you down.

2) Do today what others do not want, you will live tomorrow, so others can not.

3) If you find a person with whom you will be able to act as freely as you behave with yourself, you appreciate it as air.

4) If you were told that your train has left, remember - there are airplanes and yachts.

5) driving a nail into the soul, remember that even pulling out his own apology, you still leave a hole there, which will be long overgrown and torture of its owner. Do not hurt those who love you with all my heart.

6) Do not make excuses. Not to those who you love, or - especially - to those who do not like. He who does not love anyway you would never believe, and who loves - he himself will come up with an excuse for you.

7) If you are about the rumors, then you are - personality. Remember: Do not discuss and do not envy poor. Envy best, discussing the best.

8) You can not make a woman happy? Do not disturb others. Dzheyrard Butler.

9) Be able to forgive, because this property is strong. Weak never forgive. Mahatma Gandhi.

10) Fight, because a woman chooses a strong, courageous and
persistent, and not those who at the slightest quarrel throw up their hands and go.

11) Never argue with idiots. You descend to their level, where they will crush you their experiences.

12) Always remember that people become close gradually, other people - instantly.

13) Learn to enjoy alcohol-free, drug-free to dream, to communicate without the Internet and nervous without cigarettes.

14) Choose a job to his liking, and you do not have to work a single day in his life.

15) Do not rely too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in the dark.

16) Do not feel sorry about your mistakes, do not do them, you will never know how to do it right.

17) If you want to have something that never had a need to do things that have never done. Coco Chanel

18) When you are lost - just smile. The winner of losing the taste of victory.

19) You must have a dream. Required! So you can wake up in the morning.

20) If the bear tie you to a tree, saying something in Latin - go to bed. In any unclear situation, go to bed.

21) If you are unhappy with the place occupied, change it. You - not a tree! Jim Rohn

22) You will not be able to bring one if you no one is going to depend on. Robert Anthony

23) If you are rich, do not think about it, if you are poor - do not take seriously their poverty. if you are able to live in peace, mindful of the fact that the world - it is only a play, you will be free, you do not touch the pain. The suffering - the result of a serious attitude to life; bliss - the result of the game. Think of life as a game, Hail to her.

24) Never tell people about their problems, 80% of them are not interested in the other 20% are glad that you have it.

25) Do what you want. Do what you think is right. You will still be condemned for life.


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