How to organize themselves and to build a working day!

1. Prioritize. And do it right. Remember: there are the most important tasks have minor, but there are those that can wait. And the second and third - is not identical concepts.

2. Properly arrange the goal. This applies to general goals in life - follow from global to smaller, and then you will see that the realization of one, you will need a lot of time, and others that you think is initially engaged, you can skip altogether.
Line up a system of steps leading to the achievement of your big goals - it will help keep track of your progress.

3. Shall describe their plans. Live according to plan - it's not so monotonous and boring as you think. Yes, and no one makes paint all down to the second, and this is exactly follow. Just when you have a to-do list before your eyes, you will be easier to navigate, to get started and what time does what chores to do. A good option - to divide the case for "burning" and "optional", and during the day, to get even with the ones starting any other.

4. Remember, the bigger the problem, the harder it is to begin to solve it. In this case it is better to divide the entire amount of work into smaller tasks - and begin to implement them will be easier. You can even start with the most pleasant moments to get involved in the workflow with his head.

5. Learn to give up. You are constantly distracted and pulled over and without? Of course, this makes it impossible to go to work normally and develop ideas. So learn to say "no" when you are distracted.

6. Listen to your body. "Owls" it is not necessary to take a decision or many important tasks first half of the day. "Lark," respectively, the second. When your body is ready to load, then the action - in this case the effect will be the maximum.


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