7 stages of prosperity!

1. Step - despair.
No money and energy, people tend to blame their failures environment.
To pass this stage will help one simple idea:
"I have no one to save, but me».

2. Confusion.
Man lost. Maybe, but it does not solve their own problems.
Complete this step will help to self-confidence,
gaining self-belief, courage (I'm afraid, but I'm going).

3. Step - the beginning of change.
Man begins to act, but there is little sense.
Complete this step will help tenacity, education, honesty with yourself.

4. An intermediate stage.
No debt, and no prosperity. Dangerous time - you can fall back.
This will help to overcome the period set for a huge purpose.

5. Fear of the unknown.
The period of decision - making, or leave everything as it was.

6. Success.
Man risks - and gets more money, more power.

7. Prosperity.
So for the sake of what it cost to believe, to act, to learn, to take risks.


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