Wonderful article Julia Sudakova the decisions that will help every woman in crisis

1. Save the exported own power and sealing it!
It is important to have your own powerful energy field, that is to keep your mind and nerves in tough times, when people panic. The crisis is in people's minds in the first place, remember this. And the power of fear is very contagious! Beware of it. Avoid talking about how everything is bad as it is now would be hard to live, which is now all be beggars and other nonsense. Maintain your home energy of abundance and prosperity. This is done not by an expensive meal, but due to its abundance and beauty. I remember in my childhood parents had difficult times, and there was no special food, just what the garden has grown and cereals. But my mom cooked some delicious potato patties unrealistic, any vegetable stew, baked cabbage pie c. All this does not require large material costs, and on the table was always a holiday, and I always thought that we live better than anyone. Neighbors have complained that they have on the table only potatoes and cabbage, but milk, so I sympathized with them, not even realizing that in our house, too, was only potatoes and cabbage;) After all, even a mother transformed into a holiday meal.

And my beloved grandmother always lived very hard, she did not have money even to buy clothes my mother, and she began to sew. But she sewed clothes that my mother envied all the friends, who had come to her grandmother for tailoring. This prosperity consciousness, the ability to be proactive and to include their additional resources.

So every day to condense our energy at the expense of women's practices, grounding, and create abundance in your home! When guests come to you - treated them, talk about prosperity, about the abundance of opportunities. Arrange small domestic holidays and gather good companies - let your house be a temple with an abundance of energy-dense impenetrable prosperity! And also help others: birds, animals, grandmothers, because when we give, the abundance increases in the first place in our minds.

2. Continue to choose!
The biggest mistake of all women during difficult periods - the rejection of all their desires for the sake of economy. It's such a global error! At the request of the woman keeps prosperity at home, and if the woman refused to his desires, the crisis comes, even when the whole country will prosper. Your desires are fulfilled not the state, and the universe. And absolutely do not care about the universe falls ruble or not, it has all the money, all the possibilities and all the resources in order to fulfill your desire. So please continue to want. If you had seen the news and heard enough horror stories pugalok, your mind may already push your desire away. But even if this happens, do not let fear and panic to kill off their hopes and dreams. Yeah, maybe now they need a little more time to be realized (not because of the crisis, but because of your fear), but leave them the opportunity. Continue to implement their small dreams and desires every day, each of them require money, but embodying it, we remove the crisis in our heads.

3. Contact your experience
If you are now more than 29, 5 years, something in your life once you have gone through exactly the astrological period Sade-Sati. Believe me, all the other crises - after that - a childish prank. In addition, each of us in his life experienced very difficult moments: bereavement, separation, loss of friends, illness, etc. I know one woman who is always in a good mood and very easy to apply to all, not to drive, do not panic. I asked her: "How do you manage to always maintain a lightness and emotional independence?" And she replied, "My child is in my arms survived clinical death. When she was still awake, the body was irreparable changes, it has become disabled. I am 5 years, I worked with her, pulled her, treated and eventually, it is now completely healthy girl, quite adult. It was the worst period of my life. After that, I absolutely do not care for all the difficulties with money to crises. I have the hands feet, head, my child and my husband well, and that means we will cope with everything ยป
You also have the experience! Refer to it, remember that once you have been able to get out of a difficult situation, and thus be able to go any other times.

4. Reduce the level of anxiety
Sometimes we worry because of the confusing things, the general panic spread to us, and we are sitting, we are afraid. But what we fear - that?
There is a good practice that helps reduce anxiety and to look at things differently, to find the good in it.

Ask yourself what you are afraid of concrete. Describe yourself for this situation in detail. For example: I am afraid of losing their jobs, I can not pay rent, I will have to give up your favorite yoga studio, I can not attend trainings and will not buy the one that I want to dress. I can not give the child the best school ... etc
It is important that you see your real fears.
Imagine that it's already happened. What will you do now? How will you get out of this situation?
Speak or list the possible methods to resolve the situation.
For example: I'll live temporarily at mum. I'll find another job. I would do with a child, and so she added
Find the benefit in the incident. Write what good will give you this situation? Even in the worst crisis you can find something useful. For example: I will not attend the training, but now I will have the opportunity to finally apply the learned. And then I would have walked up to an old age and studied, and applicable Not applicable. Now I can practice it all. Since the child will not go to further education, and it will be with me, then it will improve our relations, will make us closer. I was finally able to spend more time with the child. To live my mother, of course, is not easy, but it's a great opportunity to establish a relationship with her, to understand it and to make friends. I kept putting off the work with his mother, and that's the ability to provide ...
Then look at the situation again. You will see that anxiety is gone, the excitement has decreased. After playing the situation in your mind - we do not tighten it, and conversely, worked, deprive its ability to incarnate.
5. Entrust yourself to God!
The Lord never abandons his faithful, he would never abandon a woman who trusted him with their lives and their dreams. As you lead your destiny, God, not the state, he sees your heart and your anxiety, and he is always ready to offer you the best way to go if you are open to dialogue with it, if you see his message in his life.

Remember, you are a woman - a source of prosperity. If you are in contact with them if you are in prosperity and abundance, if you are free from fear - no crisis will not affect you, and to your family, even in difficult times will come opportunities and resources.
In this world of plenty enough for everyone who is ready for it!

Yulia Sudakova


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