There are basic qualities of character that can lead to the success of any person, whether he is a leader or a subordinate. Developing these qualities, a person will be successful and its success will be expressed in its ability to cooperate with others. This is a family and work, and society.
Everyone wants to work, but few are willing to cooperate. Why is that? Because a person does not invest in its operations soul. He invests time, effort, ability, but not the soul. Therefore, a sign of investment in the activity of the soul - is the desire to cooperate, because the soul of social and requires care, friendship and love.
Unable to work, but wanting to be in society, people substitute co desire to teach and lead, which leads to a fight for a warm place overseer. This trend can be seen at will all give advice to each other. But since no one wants to work, tips are not heard.
The man with the mood of the overseer loses prosperity. Prosperity can be compared to water - as we look at the other top - of us implies prosperity, but when we look at the other below, as teachers, we have prosperity flows.

According to specialists, the person may lose 25% of their income for the arrogant attitude toward other people.

Remember, success - in collaboration!

Cooperation - maintaining a harmony between themselves and concern for others. And prosperity - a reward for harmonious development.
Calling everyone - is to take care of others. But the majority believes that his calling - to get care. This error leads to dissatisfaction with their situation.
There is nothing easier than to satisfy the desire to care for others. Therefore, there is nothing easier than to be happy and prosperous. But there is nothing more difficult than to make others take care of themselves, so there is nothing more difficult than to wrest the prosperity of others.
Not having received care from others and considering themselves deprived, a man comes to believe that he has the right to take what he was supposed to, and commits a crime, looting, stealing, or cheating. But society still considers human desire to "honestly" take what he nedodali - crime ... Maybe it's time to review laws? ..)))
Therefore, a person who does not want to care, is already in the mood of the offender, and only time separates him from committing this crime.
When we care for others, we make room in your karma for new revenue in the form of prosperity. Moreover, we are freed from debris and trash their own selfish desires and weaknesses. Imagine that your wallet is packed with old receipts for your stupid things. And while they can not throw money nowhere to put ...
Taking care of others, we will automatically take care of itself. Spending money on care, we get rid of their own karma in the form of diseases and troubles. Spent on care 100 rubles.
The more one spends on the care of the more serious problems in the future to get rid of it.
Therefore, in the east as popular donations. And get rid of the disease, and space for new arrivals appear. The only question is how to make a donation?
The safest way to completely devoid of karma - is to buy a spiritual treatise and give it to the one who like similar spiritual direction. Just try not to hurt the religious feelings of a believer.


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