Have you ever thought about why you were born in a female body?

Have you ever thought about why you were born in a female body? What is this body? What are his options? For what it is intended?
Tighten in a man's world, and learn to live there (or should I say survive) we go further and further because, than awarded our nature, we forget about it and sometimes regret that we did just a woman, but at the same time we are completely I do not know anything about yourself !!!
And over time, we begin to think of themselves as men: women mentally - unstable, too emotional, they are intolerable in a month, they are always just a little, women are stupid and foolish, they are weak ...
I have met many women who just so contemptuous of the feminine nature, trying to fix these qualities (which only at first glance seem to be true).

For example, did you know that from the point of view of medicine "men" are women?

A woman's ability to bear the pain ten times higher than men's (remember the generations at least), the statistics shows that if a man had to endure such pain a woman experiences during childbirth - in 80% of cases, he would have died from a painful shock. We give birth, and many give birth several times in life, with the majority of women do not attach importance to serious birth because of their "excessive" emotionality is aimed at giving care baby, his mother remembers childbirth, not as pain but as the birth of a new life ...
Emotions - a saving boat for a woman, it is only because they can make some incredible things.
Many modern women who have a business or an important job, are trying to suppress their emotions, but to anything except a nervous breakdown it does not.
The Vedas say that the woman's mind is 6 times greater than that of men, while men are more developed mind.
What does the mind is 6 times stronger? So, mental strength and feeling (emotion) at times exceeds men (scientists explain the fact that despite the fact that the brains of men are more, but the connection between the hemispheres in women is much stronger and more active, therefore, thought and mental processes in women occur faster) .
The woman, she unknowingly sets the scenario situations in accordance with your thoughts. This force in this danger.
For example, if a woman in a house in a bad mood - it will be bad for everyone, all will go silent and dissatisfied ... If a woman is good, she is happy - all around are starting to bloom. Experiment.
We women often try to create a situation around him that everything was fine, but in reality - the situation needs to be changed inside, adjust itself and harmonize your inner world.
Women often go to a male way, they create their own image, demonstrate actions that they are worthy, they are valuable, they are torn out of their exhausts - while moving through the woman could just set yourself up from the inside of success and prosperity, and live at their own pace!
Often business women ask me: How to create prosperity at work? Advise any trainings and programs? How to make the business work and generate income?
It's very simple: women simply need to create an abundance of inside, the atmosphere of prosperity and comfort, think about how people will be happy using the services of her company as a smile will glow on their faces, she will be happy, so that brings people good - and then everything will work on hurray!
I knew a seamstress, she opened a small business and sewed various accessories to furniture: bedspreads on beds and sofas, chairs and cushions on all sorts of different beautiful things. She's madly in love my job and often told me that when she sews, that is how people will enjoy sitting on these things as they will be comfortable as her sewing skills will bring happiness into people's homes ...


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