The Vedic scriptures say, "The woman is the one that wins without war."

The Vedic scriptures say, "The woman is the one that wins without war».
Strange! Why do so many modern women have to fight for his place under the sun, to prove their strength in a man's world, with the loss of health and life satisfaction?
How do we win without war, a world where competition dictates the opposite?
Unfortunately, few women can own one of their powerful weapons - speech, often women use it only for self-destruction, learning to communicate clearly and firmly as men.
The strength of women's speech in its softness and magnetism. Interesting physiological fact: men perceive women it the hemisphere and the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the perception of music, while the men's speech addressed to the man perceived area of ​​the brain responsible for receiving and processing information.
Now think that affects a person stronger, speech or music?
Music can not carry specific information, but that it creates a certain mood, status, motivation ... it has a hypnotic, mesmerizing effect ... it once again reminds women about how important sound is beautiful inside, and adjust your inner world to the most beautiful music ... < br />  
For women need to learn how to speak beautifully, to express himself, his thoughts, own intonation ... her speech becomes a tool for transmitting emotions and feelings, states, desires ...
If a woman is expressed rigidly straight, specifically - men begin to perceive it as a man, its foreign femininity erased after a hard male communication ...

Women know how to treat and anciently zagovarivat words (art BEREGINYA), to bless and curse, instruct and inspire ... and spend all their mystical power to idle chatter and gossip!
Gossip kill feminine nature, not only do they attract all the bad woman, from what she says, they also spend its sacred power ... Every negative word said in the address of a particular person - takes you piety and brings into your life exactly what you condemn ... It happens that after talking bad about someone, she feels exhausted and worn out, all her strength was gone.
While the discussion of good people and decent behavior only reinforces the goodness of a woman and gives her strength. This also applies to her husband and family, the woman speaks out loud - it's like the spell begins to act on it and the surrounding ... and modern women constantly conjure himself just in the negative, without regard for the power of words and speech ...
Think about the words you use in your life ???
"Wow" - the desire itself does not have ...
"Horror", "Nightmare", "dibilizm", "Well, I'm a fool!" / "Here I am an idiot !!!" "- that I often hear from women when she said she had done some mistake! Well, other than the spell itself, my dear!
As well as the magical "encourage" the slogans written on refrigerators and sounding in my head women: "Get away from the refrigerator, the pig!" (Several times saw a women who live alone), "Get up off the couch, lazy cow!" ... Well, so on.
What is "remarkable" use God's gift in the name of the destruction of himself and his life!
Think about it! Make an audit of its internal dialogues! Rename itself from the "pig" in the "Goddess", her husband of "firing" in "my hero» ...
Life will soon begin to change due to new characters !!! =)
Talk about beautiful things beautiful!
This is precisely one of the ways to create around themselves abundance and prosperity!


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