Top 10 qualities of a successful person:

1. Successful people looking for opportunities, unsuccessful - excuses and new obstacles.

Consider this situation - the lack of money. Successful people will look for opportunities to make money, knowing how to manage money; unsuccessful - the reasons why he can not earn "this" country.

2. Successful people act, unsuccessful delay action until later.

Successful acts, despite the laziness, fear, ignorance. Unsuccessful constantly accumulates knowledge, which does not apply all the time waiting for a favorable moment, but he did not come. As aptly noted by one wise man: "Summer - low season and the time of holidays, autumn - it's time to send the children to school, winter - the New Year holidays, spring - the beginning of the summer season. And better to live somewhere where? »

3. Successful seeks more than it is now, an unsuccessful prefers the status quo.

"Then he could not, and now could" - the internal dialogue of a successful person. "What for? And so it goes "- the internal dialogue unsuccessful person.

4. Successful falls and rises again, unsuccessful afraid to fall, making a mistake, and if you fall, it is no longer tends to rise.

In the biographies of famous people you can often read about the moments of defeat, serious losses. This is a unique moment of truth, the behavior of which determines the success of a person.

5. Successful - self-motivated, unsuccessfully need motivation from outside.

As a rule, successful motivated by passion, a desire to prove their strength, sincere interest in the activity itself. Unsuccessful must constantly motivate the material things, the approval of others.

6. Successful risks, unsuccessful afraid to take risks.

Fortunately or unfortunately, life is unpredictable and the best plans can intervene adverse circumstances. Successful people understand it takes a step into the unknown.
7. Successful patient, ready for a long time to go to his goal, unsuccessful wants all at once.

One of the great said: "Genius - a 1% luck and 99% hard work».

8. Successful is not afraid of failure, unsuccessful failures knock out of the saddle.

"The life of man is determined by the amount of success" uncomfortable conversations "that he survived," - Timothy Ferris.

9. Successful believes in himself, unsuccessful believe the words of others about themselves.

Indicative in this sense, a psychological experiment in collusion, all participants called squared circle, and only one member, who did not know about the league, claimed the opposite. Most people are unaware of the conspiracy, after a while to agree to a common point of view.

10. A successful call to be big dreams, a worthy goal in life, pursuing an unsuccessful small goals.

History knows many examples when the real success comes to those who chose unattainable at first sight the target, which greatly exceeded their capabilities at the time of selection.

Anyone can become successful, and if he wants to develop a necessary quality.


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