12 ways to get whatever he wants:

• succeed in life, those who are not afraid to dream of something great, and then the risk for the realization of their visions.
• When you're ready to give up, you are closer to your goal than you think.
• Why put off until later its greatness? Why wait for a better time to implement your dreams and those wonderful possibilities that opens up your life? Why not take the first step today?
• All of what you think is embodied.
• Follow your dream, and the universe will open doors you where there were only walls ... (my favorite quote hanging on the wall).
• It will take about twenty years, and you will be more than sorry for what he did not do than about what did not. Therefore abhor hesitation. Spread sail and run away from the safe harbor. Catch tailwind. Explore. Dream. Make discoveries.
• It is much better to burn in flight and crash down in pursuit of a higher purpose than to spend the best days of his life in front of a TV somewhere in the back of life. (Actual for 95% of the population).
• Everything that exists in the world, was once just a dream ...
• Anyone who does will succeed. Anyone who "tries" expects him something hurt.
• Take it and do it. Do not know what to do - take a step forward.
• A goal is more important than the availability of facilities.
• Bold and brightly painted dreams come true at least 110%. You are always on the output of your dreams will get 10% extra bonus in the form of life.


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