Tips on inspiring achievements:

1. It is better to trust and be disappointed once than not to trust and be miserable all his life.
2. Failure is not a crime; criminally set goals below their capacity.
3. Stepping on rakes, destroying their face and go on.
4. To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be anyone.
5. No need to have the strength to be a skeptic, the force needed to believe, to take risks, take action and eventually win.
6. It is said that a series of misfortunes, is sometimes takeoff!
7. Everyone can fall, but why lie there?
8. Loser - a man who on error completely unable to give her experiment.
9. Sometimes we just need to stay on the road to learn how to clearly see her in front of him.
10. Not complain about life - could not be that.
11. offended and indignant, it is like drinking poison in the hope that it will kill your enemies.
12. The biggest secret of winners, the secret of which is not known to those who lose, lies in the fact that failure inspires winners win.


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