5 important stages of rapprochement between men and women

In possible to allocate the 5 important stages of convergence, without them I have no future. If any phases are skipped, nothing happens, until you learn the lessons of previous stages.

1. Attraction. A man meets a Woman, he's cute, she's special to him, but he's feeling physical attraction to her is the same as to other women. Physical attraction is that energy which inspires the man. This concerns not only young people but people of any age. The woman is so arranged that it pays little heed to men's appearance, but rather his intelligence and responsibility.

If it's love at first sight — so it is all about him invented. If this happened on the principle: I saw it and immediately understood! — the woman worked imagination. This is a very big mistake to believe that not passing the stages of communication, it can meet that person. Even if she met him, her life will then be to doubt the man, because she will understand that not everything could be so simple. May not be so easy to raise the plane into the air. A novice pilot is often a problem after the lifting of the aircraft — as it is now it to plant? And with relationships that have no proper Foundation. This level is the Foundation for future relations.

2. Uncertainty. A mandatory and necessary stage! Male seeking women, and then after the first victories, he suddenly feels a complete idiot — and now even calling her is not desirable. "Maybe it's not her"! The secret — a man must endure a phase of doubt and still continue to care. And then, having overcome doubt, go to 3 phase. The woman at this stage should remain calm. If he suddenly disappears - not to call and not to sort things out. The most stupid question that can ask a woman at this stage — "how you feel about me?". He did not know the answer to this question! The men psyche operates on the principle of suspenders, the further it moves away, the more power he will attract. And in the second stage, the first distance. A woman should be relaxed, not tense.

3. The desire to be the only one (oops). If a man correctly passed the stage of doubt, the woman did not stop him from his calls, and didn't punish him when he finally called ("before I had to call the train has left"), he has a burning desire to meet this woman, to deepen this relationship (does not mean physical intimacy, she at this stage can only worsen relations). Women usually make a mess when you do not allow the man to otsenivaetsya, and often in the 15th year of marriage, the man still stays in the stage of uncertainty.

4. Emotional relationships. People come deeper into the life and heart of each other. Prior to that, the woman is easier to hide their negative traits, but at this stage already seen the other side of the coin. If a woman at this stage can't open up and be myself, trying my best to look good, not to show their negative character traits, emotions, that is, do not trust the man — so either that's not the point. Women attempt to look good in the eyes of men says that it does not value this relationship and do not trust the man. And thus she destroys relationships, because the suppression of emotions causes their accumulation and explosion, which is very dangerous. It is a joyful stage as we can be ourselves. But if being yourself before, this can lead to disappointment.

5. Engagement. The stage of relationship that precedes marriage. Any married couple may present itself at the stage of engagement. As to spouses, but any time you can leave. Proper parting will occur at this stage based on the context "I love you, but not enough to live with you all my life." We can love many, but loved ones, with whom we can live life — very little. A very common mistake is to think that if I liked(as) this man, now this is the only person with whom I can link their fate. However, having met a kindred spirit (let the first passionate love was not) and after complete all the stages of the relationship, we begin to love. One Indian said to the American: “you Know why you have so many divorces? Because you are constantly striving immediately to marry those whom we love, and we try to love those who I married.” This may seem absurd, but through all stages of rapprochement, has the chance to determine exactly whether or not this someone, and even to love him.

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